The Ka-52 is able to withstand the attack of an army

In southern Russia on duty have taken up the Ka-52. Unique fighting machine capable of performing tasks in all weather conditions and engage targets at a distance of 10 kilometers. According to experts, only a dozen of these helicopters can resist an army offensive.

The newest helicopter Russian Air Force is mastered in the sky over Krasnodar region — on combat duty have taken up twelve Ka-52 helicopters.

This is a unique fighting machine. It is capable of performing aerobatics of any complexity, hover in one place for a long time, perform firing rockets, moving not only forward and to the right or to the left.

The helicopter can be considered close to but can not look into the cockpit, there’s classified equipment. Outside is a 30-millimeter gun, the same is mounted on armored vehicles and troops last generation. Here suspension for missiles and most importantly — a system of long-range target detection.

— Gyro optoelectronic station.
— That it can help to detect targets at long range?
— Yes, there is a thermal imaging camera, a laser rangefinder.

Tank or bunker Ka-52 will destroy up to eight kilometers, when the opponent does not see it yet. Dmitry Rysev, carrying out combat missions in the North Caucasus and South Ossetia, the characteristics of the new technology impressed. The cabin has two pilots, one is responsible for the weapons, the other controls the machine. And sitting there, side by side.

"You can even communicate with gestures. Not necessarily say a lot of words is not necessary. And the survey — see for yourself — a very spacious cabin. Such a review helps when landing on a platform of limited size," — said Dmitry Rysev benefits, commander of the Ka-52.

It is the only "shock" helicopter, built on a special — they have an additional screws on the tail, but the basic — just two. This led to unprecedented possibilities

"The flight is independent of wind direction. Such a scheme helps make better use of the helicopter in a mountainous area of high temperature, high humidity. This is his element," — said Eugene Sukhodolskiy, commander of the helicopter Ka-52 squadron.

In the Air Force in southern Russia in March 2013 passed the most extensive in recent decades retooling. In the Krasnodar region under Korenovskaya expanding air base — it will be several times larger, you will use the latest technology. In the aviation regiment has already mastered the Mi-28 "Night Hunter" and now got a whole squadron of the Ka-52, which is also called the "Alligator".

— Questions about the implementation of the flight mission?
— No questions.
— If the questions asked, happy flight. Break it up.

This helicopter is incredibly compact and maneuverable. In addition to Russia, only the Ka-52 is equipped with ejection. Fight is able to lead, even at night. Within ten minutes after receiving the order all the connection is ready to take off on a combat mission. One attack of such a group can stop the advance of an army.

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