The Ka-52 simulator into service


MOSCOW, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Tests simulator for the crew of the Ka-52 was completed in the Center of scientific and technical services "Dynamics", located in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow, said in a statement on the website of the Moscow region.

CSTS "Dynamics" won the open auction for delivery in 2011 and 2012, four training facilities conducted by the Defense Ministry. Simulators are used for the crews of the MiG-31BM and Su-34, Mi-8ATMSH and Ka-52 "Alligator". In particular, these training facilities include jobs officers command and control, automated training systems, procedural simulators crew.

"In the state tests have also been involved as an instructor pilot combat training center in Torzhok. Conducting the tests possible to increase the adequacy of the playback features of the real helicopter. The simulator is recognized as an effective means of training flight crews, "- says the publication.

According to the results of the state tests were given the recommendation on the simulator to supply the Ministry of Defence and supply it to the mass production, it should be of a material.

The report said that during the trial, which began in June 2011, experienced pilots, navigators and engineers State Flight Test Center of the Defense Ministry comprehensively assessed the adequacy of the quality of the mathematical model of the dynamics of helicopter flight, navigation, pilotage, playing special occasions flight, the quality of imaging systems zakabinny situation and so on.

In March of this year, CSTS "Dynamics" state tests CBT ASO-Ka-52 for the theoretical training of flight crews and maintenance personnel.

"The training system has been recognized by experts of one of the best in its class, it features a high level of interactivity with the possibility of working out all the necessary procedures in the virtual cockpit as when the flight combat use and special occasions. According to the test results were issued the recommendation on the ASO-Ka-52 to supply the Defense Ministry and supplies for mass production, "- says the publication.

CSTS "Dynamics" was formed in 1989 on the initiative of the Central Aerodynamic Institute. The company produces a wide range of aviation training facilities, from computer classes to complex theoretical training simulators with motion system, conducts research in the field of aerodynamics, flight dynamics and control systems of aircraft.

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