The Ka-62 is preparing for the first flight

In Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress". NI Sazykina (industrial holding company "Helicopters of Russia") completed production of the first flight model of the new medium multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62. His tests are to begin later this year, and the first car is expected to show at MAKS 2013 in August.

 Some details on the implementation of the program came to be known during a recent helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2013, held in Moscow exhibition center Crocus Expo in mid-May. It is on HeliRussia year ago, in May of 2012, held the first public presentation of a full-size layout Ka-62, later was successfully demonstrated at the Farnborough Air Show in July last year.

The program is a promising medium multipurpose helicopter Ka-62 is one of the main priorities of the holding in a class of cars off mass of 6.7 tons. Initially, the Ka-62 was conceived as a civilian version of the Army multi-purpose helicopter Ka-60, the first prototype of which first flew in December 1998, the second copy machine was released in a training version of the Ka-60U in 2007. Helicopter repeatedly passed refinement, but his main weak point is the RD-600V and transmission, which have not been brought to the desired level of reliability. As a result, in the summer of 2010 the Russian Ministry of Defense has decided to stop funding the program Ka-60. However, it is interested in buying helicopters of this class. We have already decided that the Defense Ministry will purchase "militarized" version of the civil Ka-62, which is created to meet the most stringent international certification requirements for commercial helicopters.

Having a takeoff weight of 6.5 tons of multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62 is designed to carry up to 15 passengers or 2,000 kg of cargo (external load — up to 2500 kg). While maintaining the external similarity passes test military Ka-60, Ka-62 commercial has a number of significant differences. First of all, changed the power plant, transmission and rotor system. Became a five-blade main rotor, and the use of engines Turbomeca Ardiden 3G takeoff power 1780 hp (In the Czech Republic — 1940 hp), produced in France has led to some changes in contours of the engine nacelles. Developer and supplier of transmission (including the main and tail gearboxes) selected Austrian Zoerkler. Secondly, the significantly increased area of the passenger cabin glazing, each of the side window serves for safe emergency exit in case of leaving the car accident and tilting. For the same purposes comfortable passenger seat mounted three in a row. Third, chassis helicopter was "poluubirayuschimsya" in fairings on the sides of the fuselage and under the tail boom.

Development and delivery of complex avionics for the Ka-62 carries a Russian company "Transas". Cabin crew performed "glass", with the commander of the crew placed it in the right place.

Long-term contract between JSC "Helicopters of Russia" and the company for the supply of 308 Turbomeca Ardiden 3G engines was signed in April 2011, and on 19 May the same year, the parties signed a contract for production of the first batch of 40 such engines. The first two of these have already been obtained by the developer and the helicopter intended to apply to the so-called "iron bird" — an instance of the Ka-62 for ground tests of the power plant, transmission, carrier systems and other on-board systems. Ready and two engines for the first flying prototype of the Ka-62 — OP-01, and the first sets of the transmission company Zoerkler.

To test the "iron bird" is scheduled to begin this summer. It is assumed that in order to obtain a permit for the first flight of OP-1, it should work out well for about 250 hours So, if all goes according to plan, the start of flight testing Ka-62 is not long to wait. As of mid-May, the first flying prototype of the helicopter was in the final stages of assembly jig in Arsenyev, his equipment was carried on-board systems. Was carried out parallel aggregate assembly of the second flight model (OP-2) produced parts and assemblies for the third flying machine (OP-3) and a model for the static tests. Following the assembly on the "progress" of the first Ka-62 this summer will be moved to the suburbs and passed the test of "Kamov".

"Helicopters of Russia" plan to demonstrate the first flight model of the Ka-62 at MAKS-2013 at the end of August this year. Maybe by the time he was able to begin the flight test program. In any case, the company believes that the Ka-62 probably will rise into the air in 2013 By the end of the year expected to join the flight test and the second machine, and in 2014, to be joined by a third prototype. Certification tests of the Ka-62 is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014, which will start in 2015 to the standard scope of supply.

As you know, the launch customer for the Ka-62 was the Brazilian company Atlas Taxi Aereo, concluded the 14 December 2012 a contract with JSC "Helicopters of Russia" on seven of these vehicles with an option for another seven helicopters. The document was signed during the visit of Russian President in Brazil Dilma Vana Rousseff. Under the contract, the delivery of the first two Ka-62 Brazilian operator to be held in the first quarter of 2015 to the end of the year it is planned to send to Brazil four helicopters and a final seventh Ka-62 will pass in the first quarter of 2016

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