The Ka-62 presented at the exhibition in the United States HeliExpo-2013


Russian holding company "Helicopters of Russia" in the international exhibition "HeliEkspo-2013» (HeliExpo 2013) in Las Vegas (sht.Nevada) presented on Wednesday newest helicopter Ka-62.

According to the correspondent. ITAR-TASS official representative of the Russian helicopter company presentation during the "Russian Hour" attracted the attention of hundreds of experts. "There were showcased our new Ka-62, Mi-171A2 and Ka-32A11BC, which offers traditional and new partners in the markets of North and South America," — said the source.

"We talked to experts about the latest developments in the holding area of application of composite materials in the fuselage structure and support system that will significantly increase the fuel efficiency of the model helicopter," — said the representative of the "Helicopters of Russia".

According to him, the start of serial production of the Ka-62 is scheduled for the 2015 Brazilian airline "Atlas taxi aero» (Atlas Taxi Aero) has placed an order for seven of these machines.

Attracted interest and upgraded multi-purpose helicopter Mi-171A2, created on the basis of the platform Mi-8/17. Its development was carried out according to the wishes of operators Mi-8/17 and on the basis of experience operating these machines in different climates, over sea and various landscapes.


"Another exhibit — a multi-purpose helicopter Ka-32A11BC — also interested experts" HeliEkspo "because it can be used for fire fighting, search and rescue operations, to carry out cargo transportation," — said the source. In particular, the model is operated in Canada by VIH is for fighting forest fires, transport valuable wood and the construction of unique constructions. According to the representative of the holding, VIH is the partner of "Helicopters of Russia" and the exhibition also introduced this model in its pavilion.

The annual exhibition in Las Vegas combined 650 helicopter manufacturers, it involves more than 20 thousand professionals from around the world.

Russian presentation on HeliExpo-2013.

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