The Kaliningrad region is a leader in crop yields in


Kaliningrad farmers have cleaned grains and legumes with half the crop acreage. The gross grain harvest exceeded 170 thousand tons.

Fully already completed cleaning of winter barley. Its total yield compared to last year rose six-fold over 9 thousand tons, yield is also higher than last year — more than 50 tons per hectare. These days farmers complete cleaning of winter rape. Its total yield is 50 tons, the yield on the same level as last yearabout 30 t / ha.

Nearing the end of the harvest of winter wheat — have already harvested more than 110 tons (that is two times more than last year), the yield — more than 40 kg / ha. About the same level of productivity of winter rye (in this case it is one and a half times higher than last year’s figure), gross collection — over 2 tons.

Farmers have already removed more than half of triticale crops: total yield of more than 3-thousand tons, yield — more than 30 kg / ha. Picking up the pace of harvesting spring crops. To date, spring barley harvested about 30 tons of wheat — about 11 thousand tons. Oats harvested more than 2.2 tons, the yield is 30 t / ha.

The leaders in the rate of harvesting of grains and legumes Guryevsky (removed 70% of cultivated area), Chernyakhovskii (about 70% of crops) and Polessky (about 60%) areas. Still, the region is among the leaders in the yield of grain and leguminous plants — about 40 t / ha. Ahead with a yield of about 51 t / ha only Krasnodar region

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