The king of the birds: over 6 years as a major producer of turkey in Russia

Can the Russian quickly create from scratch a large agribusiness? Yes, if you have a good idea, patience and networking with state banks

If the 1,000-kilometer federal highway M4 towards Rostov-on-Don, turn left and drive a little more, then in the middle of the steppe you can see eight blue-hangar buildings with white roofs, each of length 250 m here never stops buzz: 20,000 turkeys and turkey can easily drown out the noise of the busy road. And this is only one of the 18 sites poultry Vadim Vaneeva — General Manager of "Evrodon", the largest turkey producer in Russia.

Bird kingdom Vaneeva stretched to 160 hectares. Population — about 1 million "turkey — a bird shy, restless and demanding, so it needs a special approach" — the move is taken to explain the Van. He can talk endlessly about their pets: the more they eat and get sick, they love when angry or worried. Even lobbyists, poultry, when it comes to numbers and statistics of the market turkey immediately include call forwarding: ask Benaiah, he knows everything.

Meanwhile in agribusiness owner "EVRODON" — a beginner. First of all, he opened his set in 2006, and last year sold nearly 40,000 tons of turkey. This one and a half times more than the still plans to release a group of "Cherkizovo" — the oldest Russian meat holding.

Annual revenue "EVRODON" passed for four billion rubles, while state-owned banks allocate Vaneeva much larger in magnitude loans. More recently, he was the owner of an average hand even by the standards of Rostov — one restaurant, one supermarket and distribution company that sells alcohol. Now, if judged by the amount of money invested, his business is worth at least 10 billion rubles. Smiling, Vadim Vaneyev admits that yes, he was once a complete zero in agribusiness, but "with the belief in a unique product." In fact, history shows "EVRODON" to implement the ambitious project alone is not enough faith in Russia.

Missed security officer

"The very bricks being laid, — Vadim Vaneyev shows a black and white photograph in which he is yesterday’s student, bare-chested and with a shovel in his hands posing on a background of building. — Here, the walls are almost half bred. " Doing business graduate mechanical engineer is not going to. Having read in school novels about spies, Benaiah Shtirlitsa dreamed of a career and at the end of 1988 in Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute has submitted to the local branch of the KGB statement about wanting to enlist.

That’s all over — the selection committee, he failed. We had to somehow earn money, and Benaiah with three friends decided to have a video store on the site of an abandoned old theater in his hometown of Mines. Received 43,000 rubles loan Zhilsotsbank, they got down to business. When you only complete the finishing work, the government has imposed video salons 70% tax on income, and the project became unprofitable.

Benaiah kept his head down and made into a restaurant lounge with a summer children’s rooftop cafe. Institution enjoyed success, but soon the path of Benaiah and his partner separated. By the time they privatized the three stores. At the business section of Benaiah went to the restaurant and debts of $ 140,000.

"Then I said to myself that if removed in this situation, it is always unscrewed and of any" — says entrepreneur. By 1996, he paid off the debts and opened a restaurant next to the supermarket. Suppliers of goods Benaiah found in Hungary. Trade he liked it. Once on the businessman came friends, redeem barter Dagestani cognac at Shakhti "Rostovugol." Mediators offered Vaneeva take alcohol to sell and divide the proceeds in half. They have not lost: the owner of the first supermarket to sell in a month to 10 trucks of cognac. Alcohol business grew — Wholesalers federal and local manufacturers began to offer Vaneeva cooperation. Entrepreneur borrowed $ 45,000 and bought the building as a warehouse.

In 2000, the Russian government has introduced a new system of alcohol excise taxes. If earlier the 100% excise tax paid for the manufacturer, the tax is now divided in half between a manufacturer and a wholesaler who is obliged to hold a so-called excise warehouse. The law came into force on 1 June 2001, but few have been warehouses that can be used as an excise. "And Vadim warehouse was already — says Valery Demidov, a former head of Shakhtinskaya administration. — He collected documents for the competition, which was held by the regional administration, and no trouble to get permission. " So Benaiah appeared firm "Michel-alcoholic", subsequently entered into a contract with the biggest producers of spirits — Bacardi, Diageo (Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys), «Synergy" ("Beluga", "Belenky»), CEDC («Green Mark "" Cranes ") and others. In the future the big game Vadim Vaneeva "Michel-alcohol" received a special role.

Theatrical production

By 2001, the restaurant business in Vaneeva been debugged, supermarket produce income, sale of alcohol has evolved. "By 12 o’clock, verifying the orders of the day and distributing new and I was free. I walked, toiled and prayed: Lord, send me any work, or I’ll die of idleness "- confessed entrepreneur.

Among the products he bought from the Hungarian partners, had the turkey. Then Benaiah dawned and in fact in Russia there is no commercial production of turkey meat. In the early 2000s, the domestic poultry industry experienced an investment boom, caused by the introduction of quotas on imports of meat and regular prohibitions on the import of Russian "Bush legs". But invested everything, even the oligarchs (eg, holding "Agros" Vladimir Potanin), in the production of pork or chicken. Benaiah also remembered the turkey. His distant relatives from Kiev once wanted to create a small turkey farm, but more consultations did not get. Rostov region — agricultural region, why he himself did not become fancier?


Vadim Benaiah called to Kiev and found that for the consultants were with relatives. The Israeli company MAD helped him to prepare a business plan for the project is 11 000 tonnes of turkey meat per year, and has sold technology. The owner of "EVRODON" recalls how the talks in Tel Aviv, Israel tried to persuade him not to hurry and to begin with the small — for example, 3,000 tons per year. "I now regret that I started with small amounts: it was necessary to do at once set to 60,000 tons," — says the businessman, who seems to have forgotten how hard it was to find the money to even start the project.

Savings Bank, the EBRD, "Yevrofinans", the Agricultural Bank and certain financial group, which called Benaiah wants — all he refused. Realizing that no connections can not do here, Vadim Vaneyev — a native of South Ossetia — asked a friend to introduce him to the conductor Valery Gergiev. Suddenly famous Ossetian agree to help another Ossetian and will bring to any of the big bankers who would take a chance and give the money?

"Valery Gergiev — a very busy man. I have traveled half the country behind him, — says CEO "EVRODON." — Before I get to meet him, once sat in his waiting room for two days, with two in the afternoon until four in the morning. Perhaps he did so check: How do I design my dear and important. "
Gergiev was stunned at first: where the Mariinsky Theatre, where’s the turkey? But under the pressure of Benaiah, and gave an impromptu presentation at the end agreed to acquaint him with Andrei Kostin — Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank, a longtime sponsor of the Mariinsky.

Thanksgiving Day

What is more than an hour waiting in the car after all that has happened? Warm September day in 2003, Vadim Benaiah was sitting in a foreign car, which was parked in the center of St. Petersburg, and internally prepared for the meeting with the head of VTB, which was to be held in one of the hotels. "There was some kind of event with the participation of Mikhail Kasyanov, and the FSO has admitted solely on the list," — says the businessman.

Gergiev kept his word, but communication with Kostin lasted seconds. Benaiah reported banker who held out a business card and asked him to come next Saturday at VTB. Benaiah more influential financier seen. When he arrived at the headquarters of the bank, the secretary immediately sent it to Vladimir Dmitriev — deputy chairman of VTB. The business plan took the asylum Dmitriev. But money "Evrodon" received only a year later. As reported in the corporate magazine VTB "The Energy of Success", the bank provided the Company "Michel-alcohol" a loan of € 20 million for the construction of poultry farm in the Rostov region (for a total project cost of € 30,9 million).

Having agreed with the local authorities to lease land in the spring of 2005, Vadim Vaneyev started construction. All is good, just on the market at the Summer sharply increased the prices of cement. The "EVRODON" as a result rose by a third. We Benaiah held a "big talk" with representatives of VTB, which offered a transfer to a bank as collateral 75% stake in the company. The businessman refused to answer the bank stopped funding. Vladimir Dmitriev at the time for a year did not work in VTB — led by Vnesheconombank. Owner of "EVRODON" had to suspend all work. Well, he has not lost due to Dmitriev. When the problem was not there, Benaiah learned that Dmitriev will travel to Rostov for the bank, and asked the banker to look at the construction site "EVRODON" — the project is implemented, money is not stolen. And now the owner asked for help from the chairman of Vnesheconombank.

The company was saved: VEB bought its debt to VTB and continued to lend turkey project. Vneshtorgbank history with the credit for the "EVRODON" does not comment. Details of negotiations with Dmitriev Benaiah did not disclose them to find out the banker Forbes failed. Press Office of Vnesheconombank has refused to associate with him, citing a busy schedule management, and limited official comment: "This is one of the first of its projects in agriculture, which is one of the priorities of the bank’s investment activities. With the support of the bank in the Rostov region created a truly unique modern poultry farms, corresponding to the world standards and has a closed production cycle. "

Area Putin

January 2006 turned out to be severe: frosts struck at 20 degrees. From Canada to Moscow flying transport aircraft procured from "EVRODON" indyushachimi eggs. "We are very worried, as if to them that did not happen," — says Van. He personally negotiated with the Customs office in Sheremetyevo to load missed as soon as possible because the future of the chicks had to drive another 1,000 km in trucks. Cars arrived at night. Unload the precious cargo gathered all the employees’ EVRODON "led by the owner. Coped per hour.

After the discovery of the production of "EVRODON" the first time I had to work on the stock: 700 tons of turkey monthly Rostov wholesalers and retailers were not needed. The first batch had to give back to the local shops on consignment without any payment. Go to the Rostov branch of the federal contracts helped networks "Michel-alcohol." Customers tasted products "EVRODON" voted for her purse. Federal retailers even have to buy a turkey for their stores located in other regions of Russia.

By 2009, the design capacity "EVRODON" were fully loaded. Seeing as the demand is growing, Vadim launched Vaneyev shop finished products — sausages, sausages, smoked products and delicacies from different turkey and decided to increase meat production to 31,000 tons per year. To eliminate the risks associated with the delivery of chicks, the businessman decided to build a complex for the so-called breeder. The cost of both projects reached 7 billion.

With money again helped EBV. And not just with money. In April 2009, see poultry complex "EVRODON" stopped Viktor Zubkov — First Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Vladimir Putin, who was responsible for the agricultural sector. Zubkov held in Rostov retreat on the development of the meat industry. It tells one of his former assistants, had the idea to show the Deputy Prime Minister is something new and sophisticated. Visit "Evrodon" offered one of the VEB — Zubkov was a member of the Supervisory Board. "Victor A. firsthand know what to raise agricultural enterprise from scratch, and with great attention to such projects", — adds the source Forbes.

Communication with Vaneyev impressed Zubkov, who in 1970-1980’s he headed the state farms in the Leningrad region. He called the owner to the meeting and said the then Minister of Agriculture Yelena Skrynnik: "Remember it. Such as it is, you need to maintain that they have not stopped working. " The influential deputy prime minister, a longtime friend of Vladimir Putin, in fact blessed Vaneeva. And in October 2010, on the recommendation Zubkov "Evrodon" during the field visit to the government and Putin himself. "Especially to his arrival we almost overnight built a helipad," — say the company’s employees.

At the end of that 2010 Viktor Zubkov Vaneeva invited to the next meeting of agriculture. The owner of "EVRODON" described a desire to build a complex for the production of duck meat to 20,000 tons at the meeting attended by Agricultural Bank Chairman Dmitry Patrushev. When Benaiah finish, Zubkov all of a sudden turned to Patrushev, "Dmitri why the guy credited with Vnesheconombank, and not in the profile?" In the spring of 2011, the Board approved the allocation of Benaiah Agricultural Bank loan project duck. In 2013, "Evrodon" plans to produce about 5,000 tons of duck meat — more than anyone else in Russia.

Comfortable lenders

"The fact that someone told someone about someone or someone introduced, there is nothing wrong with that, — said the federal official familiar with Vaneyev. — It’s not a free ticket for the rest of my life, and Vadim understands. He’s a real hard worker. "

In just six years, "Evrodon" the largest turkey producer in Russia — 39 000 tonnes in 2012. This is more than a quarter of the domestic market of Turkey, said the president of the Russian Meat Union Moushegh Mamikonyan. Therefore, today the company Vaneeva can afford to impose conditions to the regional authorities. For example, to pave the way, to bring the gas, water and electricity to the new site "EVRODON." According Benaiah, the infrastructure at their own expense increases the load on the production cost by 15%. On borrowed money, he complains, the company built 70 km of roads, 112 km of gas pipelines, 259 km and 50 km of electric water — the area has not given a single penny. All this was before the "Evrodon" noted at the highest level. Now, as reported b
y Forbes, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Rostov region, "the company" Evrodon "as one of the key investors in the agricultural sector of the Don will be given the full support in terms of infrastructure."

Roads and networks needed to owner "EVRODON" not only for poultry. In 2009, in the same October area, he built a factory and construction steel sandwich panels for 2.5 billion rubles (creditor — VEB). What for? Benaiah explains himself to provide for themselves in building materials, do not depend on the price rise, aggravated by the Olympic construction site, and to have an extra income. Plant "Metal-Don" Now, more than half of its production is sold on the side. Diversification does not end there. In November 2012, Vadim Vaneyev launched in the Rostov region and even house-building plant, the capacity of which can build up to 100,000 square meters. meters of housing per year. He again refers to the need to "EVRODON": "food and shelter are in parallel, we are creating jobs, people settle, have families, they all need somewhere to live." Of course, on other benefits Vaneyev not forget — his company is negotiating the purchase of 100 hectares of land near Rostov for commercial development.

Since 2006, companies Vaneeva VEB lent almost 13 billion rubles (including overbought VTB loan). Another 5 billion allocated under the Agricultural Bank duck project. The minimum loan term — seven years. On payment of the principal amount of the loan VEB provides vacation. Now for the main load Vaneeva — Interest on debt: the average annual accumulates about 1 billion rubles. However, "Evrodon" subject to state support for agricultural investment — interest rate subsidies of 5.5% (2/3 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank). As a result, says a businessman, for the entire group’s total debt is quite comfortable. Revenue "EVRODON" in 2012 exceeded 4 billion, "Michel-alcoholic" — 3 billion, "Metal-Don" — 2 billion.

State affair

Vadim Vaneyev longer thinks size of the country. His goal — to become one of the global manufacturers of turkey. Last spring, the VEB adopted another application "EVRODON." The credit line of 17.9 billion needed for the construction of the second indeykovodcheskogo complex in Rostov region of 60 000 tonnes of meat per year with the prospect of expanding to 180 000 t Another loan application — 6.3 billion to increase the capacity of the existing complex of farm-to- 75,000 tons — is now considering a pool of banks.

"In total 135 000 tonnes by 2016, which will make us number one in Europe and number four in the world" — dreams of Benaiah. And this is only the projects that found little or found funding. In addition, at the request of the Voronezh Region Governor Alexei Gordeev, he is going to build facilities for the production of 60 000 tonnes of turkey meat and 20,000 tons of ducks. And Benaiah thinking to get to the Saratov region — open a poultry farm.

If all your dreams come true, "Evrodon" will be able to produce up to 300,000 tonnes of turkey meat in 2020. Competitors try to keep up. For example, the company "Damate" Naum Babaev this spring will launch the first stage of production of 15 000 tonnes of turkey meat, and the group "Cherkizovo" — next year at 25 000-30 000 tonnes Will eat there so many Russian consumers? Moushegh Mamikonyan confident that the market will take all the main thing — to offer. According to the Meat Union, the potential capacity of the Russian market in the next few years — at least 300,000 tons of turkey. Russians still consume about 150,000 tons, of which domestic producers account for about 85%.

Recognizing leadership "EVRODON" competitors still skeptical that the company can long hold the palm: not the fact that all the declared Vaneyev projects to fruition. "By 2015, we intend to produce 60,000 tonnes of turkey meat that will make us number one in Russia," — says Naum Babaev. Another Russian producer of turkey also believes that many of Benaiah declares, but in reality is only now completing its first poultry project.

Be that as it may, ruined "EVRODON" with all of its debt and plans will not give. January 31 at the government meeting in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev presented the "main activities for the period up to 2018." "There should be achieved all the major indices Food Security Doctrine of the country — was saying the prime minister. — It is important to help Russian companies to increase the competitive capacity of … We have ambitious plans — to become one of the world’s leading agricultural nations. "

Apparently, feeling the importance of the business, Vadim Vaneyev in response to criticism just smiles. At the entrance to his office, he hung a sign: "Do not believe what I’m saying? — Make sure that what I’m doing. " And their new poultry farm owner "EVRODON" is going to equip the helicopter pads: you never know who will want to visit an industry leader.

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