The Kitchen — a restaurant for everyone

In September 2012 in St. Petersburg hosted the opening of a new restaurant with an original title The Kitchen.

Kitchen — the most interesting, lively and a favorite place in the house of every person. Off the kitchen is the working day begins human gather here for lunch families and friends. It is embodied in the kitchen cooking wildest fantasies.

The Kitchen is located on Moskovsky Prospect in St. Petersburg, and combines all the best that is only in the Asian, Italian and Russian cuisines, and that can offer only the best restaurants of St. Petersburg. The Kitchen combines all the things that can afford any hostess in the kitchen, for example — the various gastronomic destination. In the menu of the new restaurant presents — salads, soups, fish dishes, rolls, pasta and rozoto, sashimi. There is a separate children’s menu.

The Kitchen — this is the original and attention to detail solutions in interior decoration and restaurants — warm pastel colors, soft muted light, wine bottles and wooden slats. In the design of the restaurant was actively involved well-known designer, winner of the magazine, Skorikov Eugene. The result was the creation of the designer of three different, but at the same time very similar rooms, each with its own character and mood.

«The Kitchen — a restaurant for everyone, a place where you will always love and expect. We have done our best to make our restaurant was cozy to all visitors. The Kitchen offers a careful and detailed approach to each dish, generous portions and excellent knowledge of the business. We promise that our restaurant, visitors will be as comfortable and cozy as your own kitchen. "

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