The Knight … on the head.


We know that periodically appear in the press ratings of various institutions and funds, with a rating of any country settings.

A strange discovery you make if you compare the ratings of Russia in the years 1990-2000 and 2000-2010.

Education in the 90’s was better
The attractiveness of the business — above
Democratic — unattainable now
Freedom of speech and the press — the charm

By coincidence, we can compare for yourself because do not live on the moon. And easy to observe muhlezh "necessary funds and kommisii"

Simultaneously with the closing of the mainstays of experts from the Carnegie Foundation, Soros, etc …

It was opened on the institutions of democracy and cooperation in Paris

Under the direction of Natalia Narochnitskaya


Who is in Russian budget money will be (and gives) ratings of Liberty, the high cost
life, education level for European countries.

And that was in America at this time is not boring, and they knew how much their media "objectivity" — began working channel Russia Today — «Russia Today»

Our territorial channels do not broadcast in Russian like "America Today"
There are only a Russian Air Force service abroad

This is a good knight’s move our country using foreign law and crafted with nekotorymm ahead.

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