The Krasnoyarsk Railway 4 new diesel locomotive TEM18DM

The Krasnoyarsk Railway 4 new diesel locomotive TEM 18 DM. They are designed for shunting.

Expected to arrive 11 more units.

Locomotives are made on the Bryansk machine-building plant and designed to work in extreme weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from — 50 C to + 40 ° C.

In locomotives incorporating modern microprocessor control systems and diagnostics. They are equipped with an economical diesel engine that saves fuel, reduces costs for repair and maintenance.

And most importantly, machinists working on new locomotives will be much easier. Shunting locomotives are equipped with a spacious cab with air conditioning system that ensures the maintenance of a constant comfortable temperature in the cabin. For drivers provided modernized ergonomic chairs.

While the new locomotives are additional run-in and checkout stations Krasnoyarsk — Passenger, Krasnoyarsk — North, Krasnoyarsk — East and Kacha. In the future they will be used for the maintenance of loading and unloading of trains and cars on the Krasnoyarsk railway stations.

— In total, during 2013 the Krasnoyarsk railway goes 15 shunting locomotives of this series — told in the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Railway. — With the advent of new technology will increase the efficiency of the stations, highways, increase the volume of cargo handling, improve the quality of service shippers.

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