The Kremlin regards the Queen

Kremlin Regiment arrived in Windsor with a gift for Queen Elizabeth II 

Sorrel, golden-red, the black and gray in buckwheat — oh, how delicious our horses! Thin ankle, flying mane and chiseled sculpted shape. And how clever they are at their workshops riders guessing their every move and adjusting to the complicated pirouettes.

My colleague, a British journalist, who had come with me to the royal celebrations in the English Windsor, is speechless at the Russian riders speech, repeating the tenth time, like a broken record: "It’s incredible!" Many times I have had occasion to visit in Windsor, fairytale town, surrounding the oldest and largest castle in the world — the official residence of the British monarch and her favorite country estate. Do not ever walk again in the local parks, watching elegantly-equipped riders ceremoniously trusyaschih on their horses on a well-kept paths. But even in a fit of the most violent fantasies do not come to my mind that one day I will see here our horses.

For four days in Europe, overcoming two ferries water obstacles, including the English Channel, the Kremlin got horses at Albion congratulate Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee with her reign. A joint team of honorary ekskorta Cavalry Regiment and the President, "the Kremlin riding school" Report from Moscow on a great show — the festival "World comes to Windsor." Gathered here over a thousand masters of equestrian art from 18 countries, and with them came to Albion seven hundred horses. Starting today and until the end of the week tens of thousands of spectators who came to Windsor from across the UK and from many countries of the world will be watching unprecedented in its scope and grandeur of equestrian festival. It is expected that the final day of the festival in the royal box-show itself Crowned hero of the occasion.

Better gift to Her Majesty, rather than its performance in honor of the miracle of riders on horseback miracle, it would be difficult to come up with. Elizabeth II — passionate "loshadnitsa." Being a very great rider, I love to hunt and dressage, Her Majesty entertained at one time horseback riding of the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan during his visit to Britain. Elizabeth II herself in the past year took place a few weeks of training in dressage in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

The fact that they see in Windsor these days, not seen in Britain live ever. Here you can admire a truly national equestrian art Russia — known only by hearsay foreigners trick riding. Thirteen riders with conventional weapons in national Cossack costumes, reproducing the form of His Imperial Majesty’s Convoy, demonstrate great skill acrobatics on horseback. Twelve Russian native breeds of horses, and Don Budennovskaya, will participate in the program is truly unique.

— Our program is completely different from those that are present today at this festival — told "RG" CEO "Kremlin riding school" Boris Petrov. — The fact that we show this drive, it is dynamic, daring and boldness. It is an art that goes back to the days when our grandfathers and great-grandfathers on horseback, with arms to defend our homeland.

— And you can be our riders to do the same on horseback foreign breeds? — I’m interested.

— No — meets Boris Petrov. — To work in this genre, it would be virtually impossible. The ability to precisely this kind of work our horses are already in their genes. We are in Russia once specially nurtured that rock that could easily go under fire, under the checkers for daring maneuvers fight. The Russian market of horse production is booming right now, and we hope that in ten years it was Russian horse breed will exhibit at auctions worldwide and be in demand as a breed that is unique in its stunt work and the ability to taming. And if a country wants to do a program such as the one that we brought today in Windsor, then they will need is ours, Russian horse.

By the equestrian arena, to train our Kremlin’s "team," I’m going through the ancient royal park, heels sinking into the broken hooves and endless rains eroded land. Over a huge castle tower flying the royal flag — therefore, Her Majesty is here in Windsor. Expected future performance riders with their horses billeted, so in the courtyard of the Queen. At the site of Her Majesty, I would not stand here and was, or at least took a pair of binoculars to see it get up under her nose Russian. "Turntables", which makes a pretty Julia Kalinina on his horse, I watched her pirouettes "horsemen" cause a chorus of "wow". Horsemen — is serious "pro" of art. And if they carefully examine someone, it means that someone gives them food for thought. Julia, the "star" of our team riders actively photographed. They take pictures of high slender Andrei Nenashev, famous stunt for 4 galloping horses: he stands at two, and two more on the side of holding himself. But Peter Ivashkov and elegant, able to stand on one leg on his black horse galloping.

All these guys have been a master-class in the Kremlin riding school, which was the initiator of Russian Federal Security Service and Nikolai Tsvetkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Financial Corporation URALSIB". President of this school is the Moscow Kremlin Commandant Gen. Sergei Khlebnikov. I know Sergei Khlebnikov hundred years, from the time when he was not a general. He is one of the breed who always comes up with something, and for some reason they invented it certainly is all in fun. "Baptized" General Khlebnikov and now has become famous International Military Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower". It was at this festival organizers present British Royal Festival Kremlin Equestrian team spotted and invited her to Windsor. As executive director told me, "the Kremlin riding school" Igor Zentsov, at first the English-organizers were the same in relation to the Russian guests a skepticism: our program was taken to Windsor speeches for only three minutes. But with each new exercise Russians for the British became increasingly apparent: dzhigitovka Kremlin Riding School can be a highlight of the festival program. And our horsemen are day by day increasing the duration of their upcoming performances.

Three years ago, the international festival of equestrian sport in Aachen performance Cavalry escort of honor of the Presidential Regiment has made such a splash that was present there, Angela Merkel in Russian suddenly exclaimed: "Long live Russia!" And if it happens in Windsor, where our Angelina, Julia, Peter , Artem and all the other masters of trick riding will take to the arena before the eyes of Elizabeth II, that inveterate heart tremble crowned loshadnitsy, the Hero of the Day, and the joy will be the best reward for our children and their mentors. However, the fact that the Kremlin horseshoe our horses have left their mark with the queen in her Windsor, is good in itself.


"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" — Capital Issue number 5776 (103) 10-05-2012, 00:30 



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