The Kuril Islands continues big building

In the Kuril (Iturup) commissioned two 8-apartment houses built by a contracting company ZAO "Gidrostroy." Apartments in new buildings have a family standing in line for the provision of housing by social contract of employment, including 3 family fire victims, orphans, disabled, mother of many children, and family, who lived before in emergency house. 


At 2012 allocated 4.6 billion rubles, including 3.9 billion rubles from the federal budget, of which 2.7 billion — in addition to the initial values.   At the expense of the money will be put into service airport "Mendeleevo" constructed fuel storage on Kunashir and Iturup, Shikotan built combining the grid power lines, sea port in South Kuril‘sk (Kunashir), the hospital Krabozavodskom (Shikotan), the House of Culture in the South Kurilsk completed the full reconstruction of the heating system in the North-Kurilsk (Paramushiro), here, work will continue to replace dilapidated water networks to connect to them dating back to 2006 underground water intake. In the second quarter of 2012 is scheduled to enter into service 10-apartment building in the South Kurilsk. In the North-Kurilsk is scheduled to begin construction of a sports complex. Among other major projects start of work on the modernization of Mendeleyev Geothermal (Kunashir), which will increase its capacity from 3.6 MW to 7.4 MW. Up to 15 MW is planned to increase the capacity of geothermal power plants Ocean (Iturup), however, this is still only a draft. The next year already "in the metal" will be a powerhouse in WIND-Golovnino, the investor is working for their money, and the state will pay him only after putting the station into operation. Due to third-party investment diesel power plant is being built in the village Reidovo (Etorofu) with 3.3 MW and 3 MW electrical output. Until the end of the year will be put into operation the first modular diesel power plant in the village of Malokurilskoye (Shikotan). 

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