The laboratory of Dr. Klyachin

Laboratory "doctor" Klyachin — Russian developer of High-End acoustics.


Alexander "doctor" Klyachin — radio and broadcasting engineering. Holds patents in the field of electro-acoustics, successful projects tube amplifiers and speakers. Developer of consumer and professional audio equipment, one of the organizers of the first exhibition "Russian High End". The first in Russia created applicable to conventional audio systems, transformerless tube amplifier. From 1995 to 1998 — Expert magazine "Salon AV".


Zaporozhtsev Constantine, owner of ZKI. Audio components, designed by Alexander’s Happiness, produced by the company ZKI.


ZKI firm takes orders for the production of housings speakers audiomebeli.

In addition, C. Zaporozhets — the creator of the original high-quality tube amp, DAC, players, and audio cables


Radiotseh ZKI


L-2, veneer stained black





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