The LADA Kalina became Russia’s bestseller in February

In February of 2011 Russia automaker "AvtoVAZ" sold on the Russian market over 37,528 vehicles of the LADA brand — an 86% sales increase than the previous year.
Thus, the revenues of "AvtoVAZ" are increasing for the twelfth month in a row, states AVTOSTAT. The totals for the first two months in 2011, AvtoVAZ sold 73,068 LADA vehicles, which is 95% higher than last year‘s result.

The leader in sales during February was the LADA "Kalina" with sales of 9,673 cars — 3 times higher than a year earlier. At 2nd place rose the LADA "Priora" — the number sold of this model was 8,956 cars (36.3% increase).

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