The largest Australian airline canceled the contract with Boeing for $ 7.2 billion

The largest Australian carrier Qantas Airways Ltd. announced today the cancellation of contracts for the supply of 35 long-haul aircraft 787-9 U.S. corporation Boeing Co.

As representatives of Qantas, the move caused the first in 17 years of annual losses of Australians linked to the rising cost of fuel because of higher prices. Moreover, the problems were associated with an internal conflict with the trade unions, as well as increased competition in the market in the field of international transport. In general, Qantas reported to a loss of $ 245 million Australian dollars, or $ 258 million, for the fiscal year ending June 30.

The exact cost of the broken contract remains unknown. However, if we take into account the cost of catalog model 787-9, which is estimated at 194 million — 205.5 million dollars, it can be calculated that Boeing will lose from the abolition of the transaction 6.8 billion — $ 7.2 billion

In addition, the constant delays by Boeing in importing "Dreamliner" led to punitive damages from the American company. In particular, Boeing Australians pay $ 300 million compensation for the late delivery 787's, as well as Qantas will get back their own deposit of $ 100 million, which was introduced at the expense of Boeing as a prepayment for the aircraft.


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