The largest bender in Europe started in work at JSC Petrozavodskmash

Europe’s largest four-high bending machine was put into operation. At JSC "Petrozavodskmash" completed commissioning rolls DAVI MSB 40150 produced by the Italian company Promau. Start-up company has implemented a "Pumori-engineering invest" — a partner for integrated upgrade of the machine-building enterprises. 

The machine will produce parts for nuclear power plants. The uniqueness of this equipment is that it allows you to produce high-precision and high-rolling of sheet metal thickness up to 255 mm and width of the sheet to four meters with a minimum length of straight sleeve. Rolling the sheet on the machine MSB 40150 in a single pass without turning and repositioning sheet for pre-hem.
The rollers are equipped with a mobile control system that can be placed in any convenient for the operator. Location cameras in places not accessible to the operator, allows to control the production of shells from any angle. Also bending machine is equipped with a safety system that meets the latest European standards and minimizes the possibility of emergency.

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