The largest conference Mr.CAP — Russia

Deteylingovaya Mr.CAP company held a conference on the subject of membership in the Association deteylerov Russia. The conference was attended by 19 franchisees from all over Russia. The event was held April 26, 2013. The conference presented a new formula FormulaU tm. 
For the presentation of the car was given a partner Mr.CAP by Konig Motor. Processed new formula Spyker C8 Aileron caused great interest and admiration of all present. The new composition of the formula is much more stable than the existing counterparts. Present at the launch were not able to find among the available in the market of a rival FormulaU tm in hydrophobicity and durability.
The company owns Mr.CAP Swedish brand and offers services in professional car care since 1990. The company is represented in 15 countries. The main difference is the use of unique facilities for the care of your vehicle and and manual execution of all the work that gives the result of the highest quality.
"The result, which showed at the presentation of the new formula makes it possible to speculate that the company Mr.CAP waiting for a decent future in Russia. Such care and exclusive sports cars, which the company provides Mr.CAP, is an example of the perfect symbiosis of automobile business, "- said the director of Mr.CAP Porfilkin Dmitri.
Those present at the conference, representatives of 19 franchisors discussed urgent issues of membership in the Association deteylerov. Presentations were made by leading members of the company.
Information about the company
Mr.CAP — the famous Swedish brand that offers a unique technology for car care. Carried out a full range of cleaning and protecting auto refinishing. Get complete information about available services, please visit the company

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