The largest in the Far East, warehouse logistics center opened in Artem

The largest in the Far East, warehouse logistics complex, corresponding to the world standards, began work in Artem. The center created about 150 new jobs, and two months later the number will increase to 400. The total investment of the complex logistics of almost 1 billion rubles.
The total area of warehouse logistics complex than 12,000 square meters, the goods stored in five to seven tiers. In two months, will be operational second storage area of 11,000 square meters.


"A modern logistics center of class" A "has a constant temperature and sophisticated technical equipment — including computerized warehouse management, electronic document management, and, most importantly, the piece goods handling at high speed," — said General Director of LLC " Hey Pi Trade "Yuri Vladimirov.

The new logistics center will store and process absolutely anything, and the modern WMS warehouse management system will provide high efficiency of cargo management and will always accurately determine at what point the stock is a particular product.

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