The largest in the history of the Black Sea ports of bulk carrier spent in port

April 16, 2012 a pilot enterprise "Delta-pilot" brought and moored in the port "South" my self-largest in the history of the Black Sea bulk carrier "Maxi Brazil" (length 327 m, width 54 m Carrying capacity 260 thousand tons a year Built in 1985, the flag of Dominica). The vessel came under the same load-lezorudnym concentrate.

  • The largest bulk carrier in the history of the Black Sea ports entered the port "South"
  • The largest bulk carrier in the history of the Black Sea ports entered the port "South"

Pilotage and berth to berth number 6 performed a pilot port pilotage service "Southern" GP "Delta-pilot" Victor Pylypenko (Head FL), Paul Schelnikov (Senior marine pilot) and Gennady Kulakovskii (maritime pilot).
The radar software provided wiring watch Lent regulation of maritime traffic "Southern" GP "Delta-pilot": Jaroslav Fedorishin (Deputy Chief TCS), Vladimir Pozdnyakov (senior pilot-operator) and Victor Korechkov (pilot-operator).
On the eve of pilotage in the port was a joint production with the broadcasting office staff enterprise "Delta-pilot" and the port "South", which were worked out all the details of the forthcoming operation and decided to use the four tugs, "Eugene Yakivtsi", "Mighty" "Gennadi Saveliev," and "Basalt".
"The ship called at the port in ballast and its freeboard rose by 17 meters. A vessel with a length of 327 meters in his sail, even with a slight wind, significantly affect Yala handling. Therefore, in this case, as ever, was essential coherence Action as a pilot service enterprise "Delta-pilot" and port services "Southern" and tug crews participating in the pilot operation ", — said Victor Pylypenko, Head of PLC" Southern "GP" Delta-pilot ".
Posting of the ship, its raskantovka in the harbor and moored to the dock, despite gusts of wind-loamy, succeed.
"Maxi Brazil" — the largest bulk carrier, passed the Bosphorus in its history, surpassing the previous two leaders ("Enterprise" 211,485 dwt/312 m and "Kerkis" 208,952 dwt/315 m).
The State Enterprise "Delta-pilot" was created by the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine of 04.02.1998 № 29 in order to improve conditions for ensuring safety of navigation, as well as streamline the structure of marine pilotage services in the North-Western part of the Black Sea.
Ongoing activities: maintenance and operation of waterworks — channels (Bug-Dnieper-channel Liman (BDLC), Kherson sea channel (KMK), deep-water fairway (GSH) "Danube — Black Sea"), pilotage services and administration services movement sous-rows in all the ports of Ukraine (geography — from Mariupol to Reni).
The company has in the arsenal of specialized fleet — 17 pilot boats, 3 service boats, ice-class tug "Gaydamak."

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