The largest party in the new technology arrived in Novosibirsk Branch of the Russian Post


In Novosibirsk Branch of the Russian Post received the largest party in the last few years a new technology — 33 vehicles, made in a single corporate style of the Russian Post. Centralized supply of equipment was part of the modernization of the fleet of the Russian Post, reports Novosibirsk branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post".

First fleet of Novosibirsk branch replenished car "Kamaz" and four Japanese truck HINO. These vehicles are designed for the transportation of mail in urban areas Iskitim Cherepanovo, Karasuk Kupino and industrial communities and Ordynskoe Krasnoozerskoe. Also received 10 GAZ and UAZ five, 13 Gazelles. Two cars UAZ and GAZ one will be involved in Chulymskaia post office, one will go to Gazelle Moshkovo, Kolyvan’ and tubs. The rest of the vehicles will be operated by the post office in Novosibirsk.
In 2011, in Novosibirsk Branch of the Russian Post received 41 units of new equipment earlier in the year, the branch has already received 9 new avtomashin.Modernizatsiya fleet will reduce the cost of the branch for the repair of equipment, and thanks to a more economical car models — to reduce fuel costs.
Total carriage of postal Novosibirsk Branch of the Russian Post is involved 295 cars. The total length of postal routes branch is about 45 thousand kilometers.
In 2010 received 17 units of new vehicles in 2012, plans to acquire a further 23 vehicles.

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