The largest vertical garden in Italy

The largest vertical garden in Italy Facts

The area of the garden, located in a shopping center in Milan, is 1263 m2. It grows about 44 thousand different plants. Vertical park itself was opened in 2010, the year, but the statute of certification and the largest garden he only received this week, breaking the record for the area of Madrid in 844 m2 garden.

Architect F. Bollani says that growing plants need a whole year, and the facade was built in three months. The whole design is a designer of small metal containers with plants planted in them. The owner of the shopping center evaluates such a structure as a magnificent example of architecture in the framework of sustainable development, because it is not only aesthetic but also ergonomic component, without violating the environmental norms and saving energy.
Indeed, the vertical garden helps to regulate the temperature inside the building, reducing the flow of direct sunlight. This property is a garden saves energy consumption significantly. In addition, a garden for free absorbs carbon dioxide from the outer space and reduces noise pollution to a minimum.
First to the idea of modern vertical gardens came the French architect Le Corbusier in 1923, making it the spatial resolution is very popular.

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