The last eggs of the Russian school

About the Director of the Chelyabinsk Lyceum number 31 Alexander Popov say: he pisses all and annoying, it is inconvenient and is perpendicular to, but provides results to the surface. In the ranking of Russian schools Lyceum in third place. The new school year met the director as the helper of two criminal cases: the bribe and application slapping. Local education community has risen over the mountain colleague. In their submission the news that the director of A Nightmare crooked police, hit the tops of the federal news. But Popov himself has openly declared to the whole country, that he is a criminal. And thinks differently simply can not be

To get to the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum number 31 can be either the fifth or the eighth grade. Just passing the tests for mathematical ability. But the problem is not how to act, and to withstand the load. In fifth grade lyceum students are involved in a variety of competitions, they are always somewhere to go and something to gain. From the point of view of Popov wins on the field — it’s nothing. But if the student his face took the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Australia or Europe, then he believes that he lives and works for a reason. For parents of high school in Chelyabinsk — the guarantor of the future of their children. Therefore Popov is also unique in the fact that everyone in town wants to give him money.


In the office of the director of the Lyceum old things: a door, a table, chairs, wallpaper. And the old sofa and the bed cover with tiger print old. The director and himself a middle-aged — 64. Short hair, clothes fit stereotype of mathematicians, but without the rag in his back pocket. On the nose rectangular glasses with yellow lenses. In these glasses at the same time he reminds Goodwin and Cat Basilio.

On the wall of the director’s office hangs a black-and-white photograph of a gray-haired old man. Snow tousled hair old man, but the language he does not show. This is not Einstein, and long-forgotten actor and director Obolensky. Director Popov love story that Obolensky loved going out at night in the yard and swing on the swings. In Popov has a dream — to put near the Lyceum swing and call them "swing Obolensky."

— Usually the directors in office Putin has something hanging. Where is your? — I ask.

— I’m still in the Soviet era, when he was a teacher of mathematics, instead of Brezhnev hung in the office of Pushkin — said Popov. — I once had problems with the school principal. I explained that Brezhnev temporary, and Pushkin forever. Then Brezhnev was bad. Here Pushkin can not be bad.

— The director of the Lyceum can?

— I have an old friend, we went with it — to the Director. — He believes that we should live so that your conscience is calm. For me, it’s terrible. I believe that it is necessary so that one day your conscience is not calm. And later I found Tolstoy’s confirmation of his innocence. He said that a clear conscience — it’s the devil’s invention.

Popov troubled conscience over the edge. In winter 2012 between the gym teacher and the Lyceum Nebogatov Puzyrev there was a conflict with the toilet. Both held classes in the gym. Nebogatov — with the students of the Lyceum, Puzyrev worked with people from tennis. It is said that the people were from out of town hall. As long as it does not matter. Nebogatov like to take a shower or bath, and Puzyrev banned. Men quarreled. The confrontation ended with mutual fizruki butting.

— Bubble Nebogatov smashed his lip, and he drove Puzyreva the stomach. Everything. There was nothing else, — says Alexander Popov. — Everyone on strike did — and they were afraid, because both cowardly. Puzyrev came running to me. Began to shout that he is killed, and I’m not doing anything. He was very nervous. Knowing his scandalous Nebogatov I put in a taxi and took home. I immediately call that a riot policeman school for four, four and two pepeesnika precinct because the signal came that beating children.

The next day, the school is full of police. The lessons are broken, are questioning the children, teachers. During the interview the police officers are taught that one’s uncle, bubbles, — good and bad Nebogatov.

— I try to address all of the Chelyabinsk to stop this police brutality — said Popov. — Children are roaring their hands were shaking, my parents in a panic. And I also understand that, from their point of view, I am not doing anything. He sat down to think about how to solve this problem mathematically. Nothing better not figured out how to approach the teachers’ meeting Puzyreva and challenge him to a duel. What could I do?

— Just fire.

— Administrative impossible to dismiss anyone from the local government agency — explains the director Popov. — Then, for all Puzyrev mentovka costs and Head of Education. I am a simple person, you can not dismiss. But the damage he inflicted school, it had to be removed.

At the teachers’ meeting fizruk Puzyrev sat on the "Kamchatka" — on the back of the desk by the window. Popov went through the class, gave him a slap in the face, said that if he did not go down for an hour in the gym for a fist fight, it will be "sissy Sergei", and went to wait for your opponent. Teachers say that the first few seconds of the office a deathly silence. Sergei Puzyrev began to cry out for justice, but colleagues have asked him to write a letter of resignation.

Fizruk to the gym and did not come down and the application is not written. Police from the school, too, will not go away. Then Popov went on hunger strike. Two days later, the administration has made concessions: Popov has to stop the hunger strike, after which Puzyrev leave. All happened. This is not a movie, it’s high school number 31 of the city of Chelyabinsk.


After a year and a half gym teacher turns to the world court against the director. On August 28 an appointment for pre-party conversation.

Morning. Porch of the courthouse. In Popov constantly untied shoelaces. He bends down to tie his shoe, then a small support group is trying to straighten the Director has chilled the day before he’s back. Finally Popov bored bend-unbend, and he walks with untied lace.

Appears fizruk bubble. He quickly slips by reporters at the courthouse. All rise to the first floor. In the court of any hitch. One of the journalists trying to interview Puzyreva.

— How can I trust you if your service provider has already takes me without asking permission? — Outraged bubble. — Comments do not give. You are all on one side. Unfortunately, we have chaos in the country.

The journalist tries to be tactful, asks the operator does not take off. Puzyrev third leg of the floor for a while and continues to resent things happening lawlessness. When he sees that the camera is no longer removed, begins to speak to the point.

— We heroism is — is it about slapping. — I have not had any incident. I did not have anybody no complicated relationships. All this because he believes himself to be God. Who wants to dismiss. If I do not break the rules, I can not be fired. How so? Twelve years was adequate, but not now?

In the corridor of the court, silent. Listen physical trainer.

— I think such things should educate the next generation.

In this spontaneous press conference fizruka ends. Both sides call to the office of judge. The door is closed. Next to me sits Andrei Popov, a former student. He now lives in Moscow, came to support the director.

— Popov’s respect for the fact that he acts like a man, — says Andrey. — Of course, he has done wrong in terms of the Criminal Code and the Labour Code. But from a male point of view, all right. Slap in the face — it’s not beating, is a public moral and
ethical challenge.

— Bubbles thinks differently — I say.

— But all the students of the Lyceum as I think, — said Andrey. — No bubble brought me into the world, and Popov. My whole family Popov created in a way. Younger brother also graduated from high school, without examination after he entered the St. Petersburg Technical University.

Reconciliation did not happen. The Court held on September 10. Popov is interviewed on camera:

— I am happy to be convicted of a slap in the face scoundrel. It is a great honor in Russia.

After the interview, someone drew his attention to the untied shoelace.

— This is a good sign — said Popov. — At Gagarin also untied.

— I’m proud of your deed — a former student Andrew approaches Popov and shakes his hand. — If you fail, you deserve a rest. Let this Chelyabinsk displaces you. Children are proud of you.


Again the principal’s office. We discuss the consequences of his actions.

— I think your challenge to a duel could lead to the fact that you will discharge, and the school will only get worse — I say.

— You’re still young, and I lived well, — to the Director Popov. — I know it would be worse.

— They taught mathematics and physics to their children, would have continued to win the competition. Why was it put it all at risk?

— I’m in school, more boys than girls — said Popov quietly. — Still is still important not to physics and mathematics. The main thing — to be a man. I think a slap male act. I think the children will also give me after slapping scoundrels.

— This is contrary to the Criminal Code.

— So this eternal conflict: morality and law — Popov looks out the window, and his yellow glasses floating clouds. — It all literature is built. The whole drama. In the same whole thing. You always choose what you break — morality or the law.

— You, as a mathematician had to figure out all the pros and cons of a call to a duel.

— Here I do not believe that a man will come to a duel, — said Popov. — I thought that after slapping anyone come out. I miscalculated. About the statement I had not even thought of.

— Your decision will be difficult to justify in terms of the administrative logic.

— I’m not inherently administrator or bureaucrat — explains the director. — Randomly selected. I am not made to be official. Supervise school for many very strange. And it is unclear. And so it seems to be impossible to manage. Well, that is what it is.

— The success of your Lyceum are constant violations?

— Well, yes.


Opposite the principal’s office — an office with a sign "Big Max". Maxim Pockets in 2001, he graduated from high school, and learned not returned. In high school he was the Deputy Director for Research, has been training for the Olympics: it is mundane event. For example, the first day of school, like all students, the lesson began with the Constitution and the Olympics ended.

— Those people who have brains in your head, well aware of what was happening at the school — says Max. — Free education — is a myth. Free you can get only a very average education. If you want your child to work in good conditions, we need money.

— Is the Olympiad are not paid by the state?

— Russian — paid, but after some time. Institute for Advanced Studies first collects money from parents, after a trip to the accompanying reports for them and the money is returned. This scheme is also a violation of the law, Give us the money without interest loans and securities, and then we will return them to you. It always comes back to in order to set aside the money. Director are initially in a situation in which forced to "steal".

— What will happen to a person without Popov?

— There is no one who could replace him. Automatically minimized to a variety of programs. Many work here because it creates normal conditions. He is not afraid to turn ideas. Because a strong man. As I understand it, this is for him a house.


In spring, Alexander Popov was another miscalculation: he was caught on a bribe. A group of his disciples was to fly to the Olympics in Beijing, Popov was collecting money for the trip, wherever he could. To him went a long time friend, Polishchuk, who wanted to have a step-daughter to another school and asked Popov promote. Popov called and said that now might help, and asked for tickets ten percent of the amount that the familiar was going to spend on charity to another school.

— I did not respond for a long time, I do not know why — says Popov. — On 11 April this year, he came: "Today, enrollment — help." Named the sum: one hundred and fifty thousand. I called the 93rd school. He called me from there and said that now come and be thankful for. I told him that I usually take care of ten percent. Here he came, he said that there is twenty-five thousand. I put them in the safe. Was busy writing a story. After a few seconds burst into people. I asked, "Che so much?" Opened the safe and put the money. They rewrote the bill. They took me. Seven hours of questioning. Well, that’s all. Apparently, they were not enough cases of bribery, so after Puzyreva is still beating.

The case is fraught with a bribe to Popova smaller losses than a duel. First, the amount is small. Secondly, there is no Poleshchuk stepdaughter, then there is an obvious setup. In a well-constructed Protection accusation falls apart. Teachers and parents Lyceum believe that both cases — the links of one chain. Someone very much wants to remove Popova, so there were allegations of slap a half later, after the most slapping. To make sure.

— It turns out that it was a bribe? — Clarify me.

— That’s right — responsible Popov. — But I do not take bribes. He asked to arrange, I accept. I invested in this work, their communication, communication skills, authority. And I’m grateful for that. I do not think it’s a bribe. Well, the government thinks so. Clear. To him, I am a criminal. And for the children — no.

— What are the sources of income in the face?

— I have a multi-channel financing — laughing Popov. — The school provides for public money, and my parents.

— What is "your"?

— I have been tutoring children from wealthy parents. My time is very expensive, the money I earn for the school.

— What budget money go?

— The state covers utilities and salaries of teachers. Everything. I need another 15 million per year, in addition to the budget, to live normally. That education is of high quality. It’s a little bit.

— Where do you get them?

— I’m on all income — cheerfully admits Popov. — Here I stand up new doors in the classrooms. Never one I had not paid. Senior class wants to leave a memory — buys the door. At the door I hang up a sign with a list of the class and the name of the class teacher. All the doors are changed. Further study of robotics, there is need for more money. I convinced them that I was instructed to make a list of the top favorite teachers of the city of Chelyabinsk. Add to the list the name of his favorite teacher was worth a certain amount. And I have suffered money. Two people have brought for you. For some paid several times. And now I have to name each party stands in front of the Cabinet — a list of favorite teachers in Chelyabinsk from different schools. But the money I built cabinet robotics.

Back in high school there is a study of electronic music. To organize it, Popov sold notes. First sold the note E for thirty thousand — a businessman whose name begins with "mi". Then sold to a businessman in the "before." And so on. So he turns his ideas into money and send them to school.

— Bubbles in the courthouse said that you behave in school as if you’re a god. Is that right?

— He’s making it up. He’s from illiteracy does not understand the meaning of words. The English sea charter says that the commander of the ship after the first god. Russian officers and sailors fought for this phrase for a long time — do not miss. But the Russian naval officers were hurt by that phrase. The enterprise, which works well, the director of the first after God.

— And the woman said to you at home?

— What he says — the director sighs. — These same headaches no one but herself, does not see. Loin’s paralyzed. The wife asks me a long time to go.

— If you leave, what to take?

— I do not know. I do not have hobbies, — said Popov. — I have nothing except literature and pedagogy, not fond of. I do not know anything more. You see, I went to kindergarten, and then went to school, then served in the Army, then studied at the college, then went to work in the school. All life — a system of education. I’m more of any one niche was not.

— So you have not grown up?

— I am aware that it is very difficult to communicate with adults. I do not know adulthood. Because all my life in this niche. How to go to kindergarten in the fifties, and I go. The school — it’s a completely different life. Something very narrow.

Alexander Popov lights a cigarette. Consider the old wallpaper his office. On Crimes directors do not think. Mentally change the wallpaper with the new. This sofa with a tiger’s time to throw out a good idea to change all the furniture in general. Directed by Obolensky, still laughing at me with my photography.

— Why are you in the office do not do normal maintenance?

— Yes, I have not enough money — is responsible Popov. — I and the apartment is the same. Because the school asks what there is here. Repair his office when everything else in the school tweaked. While in any way.

The rest rooms and classrooms look quite modern. In high school a few physics laboratories. There is even a literary salon with a round table and a fireplace, where the lessons of literature. In the central stairwell, "a box of love" — a place where the Lyceum legally allowed to kiss. Popov invented it to high school students were in sight and did not climb on the back streets of subsistence.


Literature teacher Sergei Efremtsev this year wrote a book for children, "Your Constitution" — is the usual translation of the Constitution into a human language. He specifically came up to me to share the correct definition Popova:

— They all live on the exhale, and Popov — on inspiration.

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