The last interview of Oleg Pavlovich

OLEG Copan IF will be offended — ANY porezhe

We learned that the legendary striker 60s Oleg delves into the hospital. Dialed number — Kopaev did not refuse: "Come." Weak voice dictated address.

Outskirts of Moscow. Normal hospital, with a constant in his gloom atmosphere. White walls, dull face, the sharp smell of bleach and medicine. Here’s where once you start to appreciate every day, lived healthy.

The door to the seventh house was ajar. Kopaev lying on a bed with a newspaper in his hands. When he saw us, got up on one elbow.

— You correspondents?

— They are the best. Have you been here, Oleg Pavlovich?

— From November 2008.

— How are you feeling?

— Die Oleg Pavlovich, guys … do not tell the doctors diagnosis. But the disease has all the juice out of me drunk. Two weeks does not get up. I do not know how to get out. If only dear God wills. But what to believe when the toilet can not be reached? Here I lie — like normal. I can even get up, sit down. I’ll show you.

— Let us help you.

— Do not, I do. It’s easy. Nothing, nothing. Oh, that you have so many questions for me?

— When you get tired — you tell me, and we’re done.

— Agreed. Need to work.

— Would not have thought that you have a bad case. The newspapers reported that two years ago you on the 70th anniversary went to Rostov.

— Yes, there is a big celebration staged. It was nice to see old friends. And now I lay my head and scroll in a lifetime. For example, both because of the two "triples" did not want to come to college, and they said, ‘We’ll get you even with the "twos" would have taken. " Elec know — a little town?

— Of course. Your homeland.

— Here is the recall. As the Germans Elec entered the four days we were evacuated to Voronezh. The German moved to Stalingrad, the fighting was terrible. Bombing. Kursk from us at 70 kilometers. Slipped past life — oh, so quickly … Scary … Yes, there was one Oleg Pavlovich, and was quite different — Kopaev sighed and lay down. He was silent. Looking up at the ceiling, thinking about his.

He spoke of himself in the third person — Oleg Pavlovich. As if in our eyes, trying to separate — that legendary football player from the old man’s withered.


— You have a TV in the House. Football watching?

— It was only the first channel catches. The last thing you saw — national team game against Hungary. I almost fell asleep, went walking on the field.

— The match is pulling?

— No. Absolutely. It is more convenient to watch on TV, there are repetitions. And on the podium how many goals I clap in the direction of looking.

— Football mates come to visit you?

— In the surrounding Afonin lives, but it works in Reutov. Leaves early, come back late. Not up to me to him.

— Never gone?

— While waiting.

— A Monday?

— No. It is — it is useless. He only cares about himself.

— Have you been friends?

— Never. Rivals, even played on the same team. He goes to the team — put in place a frontline me. Then he comes back, I announced, "I’m sorry, the collection has to play." Viktor Maslov bred hands: "I do not want, and should be put." And even after the team Monday ambition: "We are great, no one stronger than us."

— From Rostov to call you?

— Many. I’ve got a best friend — Enver Yulgushov. Families are friends. Sometimes Jura Shikunova call, but he himself is not easy. The trouble with blood vessels, does not go nearly every day … Who is with me, so the wife and daughter.

— A daughter, it seems, an art restorer?

— Natasha graduated from the Stroganov School. Works in the restoration workshops of the Historical Museum. Look, how many icons has placed around me.

— Are you a believer?

— This is Natasha believes even in the church choir sings. And I — Communist. But when the rooster will peck in one place — all the believers. At the hospital, there is no atheists.

— Alternative Medicine tried?

— My daughter brought something, and now wears. Well, the main folk remedy allowed — I drink a little bit. Doctors say 50 grams on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

— Vodka?

— Brandy. Vodka, I do not favor. Beer, by the way, too. Here in East Germany, where he coached the team to a group of Soviet troops, the beer was brewed wonderful, our crazy about him were — and I even never touched.

— How Rostov — beer, raki?

— A couple of years ago there arrived, so look for these cancers could not. Not that there is.

— Chamber of you what a splendid.

— That’s right. Phone, but whistled just off the nightstand while sleeping.

— Neighbors you do not?

— It’s not allowed, I’m thug. Haha. Actually, to me there are good. For example, the chief doctor found out that I had broken electric shaver — immediately brought a new one. I’m in the hospital for almost twenty years has worked.

— What?

— In charge of civil defense.

— According to his military specialty?

— Yes. Prior to that, has long been the chief of staff of the Civil Defence Dzerzhinsky district of Moscow. Serious post.

— Retirement came colonel. To general why not have lasted?

— How Chapaev said — "Education is not enough." I walked up to the limit, even in forty years remained a captain. All football could not quit. And what of the GDR back, focused on service — and began receiving an asterisk.

— In Afghanistan could get?

— No. Here in Chernobyl — I could. Many of our employees were sent there. But then we decided — Kopaev old for such things.

— When the army said good-bye?

— In 1989, when the restructuring was cursed. In "Ocean" worked my fans, from Taganrog. I took the chief of staff for civil defense. Another engineer, and he was. Specialist in refrigerators.

— Get along with technology?

— Yes, repaired the large scales. My hands are growing from the right place. I remember, Victor Maslov was traveling alarm clock German stamping. Suddenly go haywire. No one could deal with it — and I breathed, spat, and it worked.

— The machine you have?

— There was, modestly. "Six". Last year, it was necessary to change the law, but I did not. What could be me.

— Carting in the 90s are not hunted?

— What are you … never. What planted — it’s happened, but the money had never taken.


— For once regretted not become a trainer?

— On the contrary, in time to come off. I respect myself for having decided to dramatically change the fate. Not afraid to swim against the current. Slightly fiddled with doublers SKA and realized enough is enough. I doubt that this profession would have made me happy. Too stressful job. Ungrateful.

— Football you dream about?

— I have never dreamed of, and has happened before. As you start to think, all intertwined. Here’s remembered when growth in 1958 made it to the Class A, there were only 12 teams. Moscow Five, Two Leningrad — "Admiralteets" with "Zenith", Kiev, Tbilisi, Donetsk, Kishinev yes Kuibyshev. And then once 22 teams have done — that all the Soviet republics have been in the big leagues. Once arrived to play in Kutaisi, and from there "Kairat" leaving. Center-forward, I see sitting and crying.

— About what?

— Sue.
In Yerevan, it was impossible to win — your goal is scored only if the owners would lead 2-0. And a little bit of time left before the end.

— What were the judge’s sassy?

— Kharkov. In the same Yerevan goalkeeper made a mistake at the exit — I jumped out and scored a head. As you can not deduct? The judge next to me saw it all. The whistle indicates the center of the. Suddenly the side waving a flag. What is it? So he says — the ball, he says, had not crossed the line. The main approaches me, apologetically, "See what happens? If a goal is scored — they kill me here … "

— Someone was playing better than you head in the Union?

— Unlikely. Sometimes Tolia Krutikov take a tennis ball and started to head to pass it to each other. Half an hour could so perepasovyvalis without straining. All were amazed.

— Vitaly Starukhin you were not a competitor?

— Starukhin decently played — but he could only head and. And I still was able to cool down. At the same time jumped goalkeepers. Hard to believe, is not looking at me?

— How tall are you?

— The meter eighty. I was very jumpy. If you run off — do not stop. In his youth, legs pumped. Skating ran, walked the walk twenty miles — and did not feel tired. And do not forget, today is the easy baskets — and then I’ll go, take it on the head. Yes, even if the ball from the rain razmok. The current does not understand. Each header — a mini-concussion. Seven years ago I had a stroke — surely the consequences of the attacks.

— Why do not you hit penalty?

— What for?

— Goals have been more.

— Not a fact. Penalties have yet to score. And it’s a lottery. Missed — will eat with giblets. So I was not eager to perform. In Rostov, without whom I had to beat.

— Who took care of you especially hard? "The Killers" in those days met?

— Oh, of course! Was this in Kiev — Vladimir Erohin. Other people’s feet are not spared. Oleg Pavlovich played left winger, and Erohin — right on the defensive. Constantly getting any of it. It was hard and with Vitaly Golubev — also of Kiev. There have always been advocates of all animals. What Abram Lerman is — the same one that in one match Fedotov and Bobrova broke. Fortunately, his on the field I have not found.

— Do other teams Bonecrusher did not come across?

— Eugene Rogov of "Locomotive" could any otovarit.

— But there were no guards?

— Only the self-made. In Rostov craftsmen for us amazing guards were making. But from blows to the legs, they took care not much.

— Who are you for a mate deleted?

— My Pal — Judge Sarkisov. We play in Donetsk. In the penalty intercept the ball picks up speed and give in Matveyev. He himself ran forward and wait for the transfer to move. Next would be a net yield of one-on-one with the goalkeeper. But for some reason, Gena decided for themselves to remove the ball — and lost. I freaked out, yelled …

— And the judge took the red?

— Young people cards had not yet been entered. The arbitrator simply said, "Leave the field." I trudged into the locker room.

— Rostov — dashing city. On the dark side of his face?

— But how? A wonderful story. Second place was awarded the SKA players in the Executive Committee gold watch. When the official part was over, I went out into the street and headed to the store. Towards the guy that looks — from thieves. He saw me, withdrew the corner. He told me that recently came out of prison. Sat in Novocherkassk. Then he said happily, "Thank you" — "For what?" — "Thanks to your goals a lot of money won. We have argued in the prison who of the players will score — so I always put on you. " Conversation ended unexpectedly.

— How?

— Asks: "With Betsoy (head coach of SKA. — Note." SE ") get along? Do not pinch you? "-" All right. " — "With Matveyev (team captain. — Note." SE ") of yours?" — "Are also fine. So what? "-" If there are hurt — any’ll cut. Just whistle. "

— CSKA 80 after losses were driven to the ground, forced to go under the tank. With so you did not experiment?

— No. Here Eskova imprisoned in the brig. And I have another case was. Was in Kiev motels with pneumonia. He drank a bit and quarreling with a policeman, who was in the civil. Immediately appeared outfit. They sent me to jail. I yell, "What are you, bitch, do I have pneumonia!" But soon sorted out and released.

— Your famous friend, Alex Eskov, has died at 55. Why so early?

— Inflammation of the lymph nodes, the cancer — and he seems not to know … even cured, seven years has lived with this. And then — all over again, twice as hard. Quickly burned out.


— What’s in your house like about football?

— Two small cup, which, together with the diploma awarded to the best scorer of the tournament. And two medals — silver for second place with the SKA, and gold — for winning the tournament friendly armies. Incidentally, in the semi-final victory "Dukla" for which played Mardi Gras and a few football team Czechoslovakia — Vice World Champion 1962. And in the final defeated Albanian officers. They also komandochka was decent.

— Vase with portrait of Grigory Fedotov, which have once been preserved?

— So it’s been a challenge prize. Handed it to us, when the SKA chop 73 goals and was the most effective team of the season. A year later, the vase had to be returned. I, by the way, in 1957, passed the school Grigory CSKA in duplicate. More precisely — CSK MO, as it was then a club.

— Fedotov, and died in the same year?

— Yes, in December. Resist the very tight. With double and we drove around the city near Moscow — that in Kaluga, in Yaroslavl. So comes Fedotov — a bottle of vodka from the bottle drinks in the toilet.

— And holding up?

— So, the composition of a game called "the gate Suslov, central defender Dorodnykh, others — by the numbers …" But what was he to respect everywhere! As it made! Most of this is not seen. And at the funeral of his wife Fedotov, Valentine, Bobrov shouted: "You’re Grisha ruined!"

— Why?

— Because succumb together. Here the body and could not resist. Bobrov something younger, more healthy.

— Beeskow which remained in the memory?

— Beeskow — a gentleman. In all — manners, speech. Cancers adored from Rostov are often sent to him. To me Beeskow heat treated. In 1964, a team called three Rostovites — Monday, Shikunova me.

— With Strel’tsov communicate?

— Most of all — in 1957, when I was still at CSKA. Slava Metreveli mother-in-law lived near the Kursk railway station. There are constantly going to the company, not only torpedovtsy. The guys from CSKA also visited. Well, I’m with them. Usually took the champagne — and Slava, where all the guests were happy. There’s also liked to be Sagittarius.

— And that Yashin was this man?

— Leva — wonderful. Good, quiet. Of the football celebrities on human qualities for me he is number one. Levu burdened glory. Although the popularity he had incredible. I remember the tour with the national team in South America in 1965. Wherever you come — everywhere the local boys running after him to the hotel and shouting: "I am the communities! I-communities ». Most of the Soviet players are one in the face did not know. And on the left there we went hohmochka.

— Intrigued.

— In Rio, after the match to "Maracana" the whole team was invited to a banquet in a luxurious restaurant. Blacks were not allowed there,
so no one from the Brazilian team was not invited. Waiters carried the trays of whiskey and champagne. Our coaches and delegation sat in the corner. A Yashin, zashugannyh Soviet man, took the glass, drank quickly and constantly looked askance at them — or not notice? I could not resist: "Lev Ivanovich, Holy smoke, you train the whole world knows! Who is afraid of? That would come and drink openly in front of them! After all, thanks to you, they stick to their posts. Yes, they have the audacity to roll a barrel on you after a defeat! "

— How to react Yashin?

— Laughed. On that trip, he helped me much. It has been in Argentina. Lantz took care of us there — a famous football manager. Yashin, Voronin, gears, Metrevely and someone else ordered it coats skunk. All the rage in those days. Lantz before leaving for Moscow brought several coats. I have not got. Yashin learned about it at the airport and offered to take my coat, "Beriberi, I have these two." In this act the whole Lev Ivanovich — broad-hearted man. It’s a pity my wife a fur coat does not fit. Loew also cater to their Valentine. She’s a size 48, and my Tamara — 42th. On the way to Moscow Metrevely got a fur coat and became the girls to try on. So polsamoleta reached out to him — each requested permission to walk around the cabin in a fur coat.

— In your life have been meeting with the marshals. What to remember?

— In 1957, the house blew CSKA Kiev "Dynamo". After that, the whole team put in a mold and the carpet to Malinowski. It was a small sprouts, strong, straight square. Thought would be screaming — but nothing like this.

— Polite?

— Very quiet. Not once voting has not increased. I listened, I thought about something — then asks, "What request?" And at that time there was much talk about how to pick out the "Torpedo" Ivanov and Streltsova. Our coach Pinaichev barely hint about it, as Malinowski grinned: "Comrade coach, we have a strong army, the whole can. What you like football you charge. But tell me — against whom you play, you’ll be? "And yet, the conversation ended.

— Another who remember?

— There was a wonderful — General Issa Pliyev, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. At first, he was spit on our SKA, when we beat CSKA. Poruchenets Plieva later told us — the general was at a reception in Moscow, Malinowski. He is coming to a crowd of warriors, shakes hands with one Pliyev: "Well done, Issa, what team did!" And he knows nothing, with what congratulate him. He returned to Rostov — and took for us.

— How?

— If we win — we are on salary at hand. Personally handed envelopes. Officers then relied one prize per year. A Pliev us — all the time, four times a row …

— How much was in the envelope?

— 180 rubles. I had a salary of 180 rubles plus 20 — ration. There was another case — Pliev just returned from Moscow. We lined up, goes down the line. And for no apparent reason begins to tell us how in Moscow found himself at the ballet. "You at least know who this Ulanova?" We are silent, and he was silent. Do not know what to compare. Finally decided, "Ulanova … Ulanova — is supple horse!"

— Football players also compared with the horses?

— Sort of. All dreamed that we were taking prizes — like horses.

— And with Mikhail Sholokhov did you know?

— Yes, he often flew to Moscow along with the players SKA, our An-10. He sat in the rear with his secretary, but we came to talk. I was amazed that? Absolutely simple man — like you and me. And do not say that the Nobel laureate. But say what he thinks, not hiding anything.

In the beginning of the conversation … Kopaev mentioned, that did not get up the last two weeks. But after the interview went up, and even took us to the door.


The next day, we talked with the daughter of Oleg Kopaeva — Natalia.

— You’re the father complained in previous years?

— Never. However, he has weak vessels. Football has nothing to do with it — it’s hereditary. His brothers also suffered vessels. So periodically went to the hospital for examination. Problems arose seven years ago. Suffered a stroke, which caused a partial loss of speech. She recovered very slowly.

In the fall of 2008, my father had an operation on his intestines. Three weeks in intensive care. Because of the effects of stroke from the anesthesia depart hard. The doctors were very worried, but, thank God, was able to get out. Since then, his short time to go home, then brought back to the hospital. Father needed another surgery, but doctors have been slow. They are afraid that just will not stand. The body is weakened. A weak blood vessels, blood clot can break off at any moment.

— Hospital are you satisfied?

— Here him excellent care, private room. All for free — thank the chief doctor who respects the merits of football Kopaeva. Besides his father in the hospital for a long time worked as the head of civil defense.

— Why not become a coach?

— Tried a little bit — not much. Although friends in different teams named coach, but his father did not agree. To become an official Sport Committee also did not want to. It’s boring to sit in the office and transfer paper. Military service more attractive. Especially in the Soviet Union, it ensured a solid retirement. Stability.

In the 72 th of Rostov we left the GDR. Father of five years he served in the Group of Soviet Forces. We lived in a small town Olimpishesdorf. Now called Elstal. Thence to Rostov did not return — his father was immediately transferred to Moscow and was given an apartment. He graduated from the Academy of Civil Defense — remember when preparing for exams, terribly worried. Soon settled down to the headquarters of GO Dzerzhinsky district.

You know, for many of the players career ending — a painful moment. But Dad is survived very calm. First of all, thanks to friends. He kept in touch with all, did not feel abandoned. And, in my opinion, was not sorry that the future life was not associated with football. He liked what I do. You should have seen what a pleasure went to military exercises! Landfills, tanks, machine guns — it was him so interesting! I think he’s just a kid nedoigral.

— They say that the last thing that dies in man — a sense of humor …

— My father — a man surprisingly positive. I never saw him frown. Even in the hospital manages to joke. I recently put on the nightstand next to the battery thermometer. Naturally, he is hot, and my father — did not notice. When he came to measure the temperature, it was found that on the thermometer — over forty. The doctor is shocked: "What’s with you? Are you sick? "And dad quietly shook the thermometer, the temperature dropped to 38. And the doctor holds out with a sly smile: "So all right?"

— On the football field, his father remember?

— Of course. I visited on the basis of the SKA, and in training. My father — a man enforcement communities, the house we have not closed — that in Rostov, in Moscow. Always full of guests. After the matches are often going to have a team. Afonin Shikunov, Matveev, Eskov, Burov — All Star SKA Rostov 60s. And not necessarily those gatherings were accompanied by noisy feast.

— Popularity Kopaeva in those years in Rostov was enormous! — Added his wife, Tamara Kuzminichna. — On the street with him was impossible to get through. Especially after the SKA took second place. We lived on the street Engels — in front of the park, where the assembled football fans. They did not give Oleg a pass, always call at night and put the tube. But this, I think, more sinned fans.

— In Rostov, and you meet?

Yes. The sports club at the headquarters of the North Caucasus Military District, where competitions are held in various sports. In this club was going half the town — no other entertainment. It seems we have come to see boxing tournament. Oleg was 22, I — 18. A year later married. What fascinated? Modesty and intelligence. Consider, it was love at first sight.


We’ve reached Valentine Afonina. The former defender of the USSR and one of the best friends Kopaeva sighed

— I know that Alex in the hospital. At the end of last year, I traveled to Rostov on the anniversary of the Jura to Shikunova. Came back and scored Kopaev: "Alex, let me get together with friends, sit down." — "Ivanovitch, wait, he was worth a score — then I come." All postponed meeting postponed. And then I heard that he was back in the hospital.

When Alex first got there, visited him after the surgery. Now, does not get out. Worry about it. It is necessary to visit a friend, you must. This week certainly will try to call him. Unfortunately, the hospital allowed at certain hours. And I work in Reutov a football school. I turn it like a squirrel in a cage all day long. Going back home after nine … And Alex person is — everything keeps to himself. Not that secretive — just strong-willed man. He does not like that sorry.

— Tears Kopaeva seen?

— Well, you skazanuli. Dig and tears — in my head does not fit! In his life, there were many difficult moments, but he never complained and help no one asked for. I called him to the hospital. Said, "Maybe you need something? Come on, bring. " In reply has been heard, "Do not worry, I have everything."

— Your friendship for many years?

— Familiar almost half a century — since 1961. In Rostov lived in the same house, in the GSVG served together and trained a local team. And in Moscow in one district settled — near Prospect Mira. When together in Rostov came to like the company get out into nature — Alex, Shikunov, Yulgushov I, the other guys from the SKA. Bought on the market two pieces of crayfish, draft beer. I spread out a special skaterochku — and began to savor a conversation for life.

— At the table Oleg Pavlovich was able to take a punch?

— Oh, yes! I was amazed — he could not drink a lot, but it always remained on his feet. Sometimes, we go to bed, I saw — and it all sits at the table, the guests entertained with his stories.

— In the national Kopaev could play more?

— In Soviet times, the competition in the national team was no match for the present. Selection of trainers was tremendous. For example, why not entrenched there Kievan Andrew Beebe. Classy player, the best footballer of the Union in 1966, and for the team had just one match. Or Eddie Makarov. Forward from God, but to the national team did not pass. So with Kopaev the same story. How scored for the SKA, twice top scorer became. But the national team coaches have relied on others.

Although Kopaev, confident and in today’s football there would be lost. Scoring flair awesome. Whenever managed to choose a place in the penalty area, and flew to the ball. Then send him to the gate. A head as he played! It was a miracle. Sorry guys, you have not seen it. Alec offers a fantastic jumping ability. Sometimes the ball flew so high that even the goalies hands could not reach him on his head! And the blow Alik is necessary. I remember the match with Kharkiv thirty feet from a charge in the "nine" — just look goalkeeper held the ball. However, the penalty to beat Alex did not like. In the SKA will generally be trusted by the Director Matveev. He was potehnichnee.

— Kopaev very worried, I did not go to the World Cup 1966?

— Alec uncoupled at the last moment. Instead, it took Porkuyan that everyone in the team was a surprise. He’s even in Kiev "Dynamo" through time in the passed. However, with Porkushey coaches guessed it — in England four goals scored!

For someone misses the World Cup would be a tragedy, but it’s worth Kopaev survived. Maybe deep down and sat hurt, but never showed. In addition, in 1966 the first still turned to him happy. They have long, Tamara did not have children, and that in May last daughter was born. How did Alex was happy! And SKA in the same year won the silver medal. And he Kopaev continued to score regularly. No fracture in his game did not happen.

— What you want to convey through Kopaev newspaper?

— God grant that went to the amendment. Health to you, Alex. And patience.

Yuri GOLYSHAK, Alexander mug. "Sport-Express", 19/03/2010

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