The last mechanic went to the customer

Nizhny Novgorod, 28 October 2011. Red Sormovo and "VF Tanker "signed an act of acceptance and transfer of the eighth, the last in a series of tanker" Mechanic Kharitonov "(project 19614, building number 04025).


The contract was signed in July 2010, by its terms, before the end of this year, Red Sormovo was to build eight oil tankers for the customer, the company "VF Tanker ". Series is built ahead of contractual maturity for two months, so that all eight tankers will be able to work in this frame. All eight vessels named after the victims of the Great Patriotic War of the mechanics of Volga Shipping Company, "The Mechanic Antonov," "The Mechanic Belov," "The Mechanic Erohin," "The Mechanic Paramonov," "The Mechanic Panteleev," "The Mechanic Pogodin," "The Mechanic Sazonov," " Kharitonov mechanic. " In three tankers — the sixth, seventh and eighth — the product line has expanded, in addition to diesel fuel, fuel oil, and crude oil and oil products (density up to 0.99 t/m3 with flash point below 60 degrees Celsius), was made possible transport of plant oils (palm, sunflower, soybean, corn, rapeseed).

All tankers built for the project, which takes into account technical and technological achievements of world shipbuilding, the last three tankers were modified, and therefore changed their class, up to himovoznogo, and made possible the two sorts of cargo transportation in flight at the same time.

Technical specifications of the vessel: deadweight — 5530 tons, length — 141 m, width — 16.9 m, depth — 6.1 m, draft — 3,73 / 3,60 m, the volume of cargo tanks — 6720 cu. m, speed — not less than 10 knots, the crew — 14/16 persons, endurance — 15/10 days. Navigation area — inland waterways and offshore non-Arctic areas in accordance with the class of the ship.

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