The last seven came off the assembly line in Izhevsk

Today, the assembly line Izhevsk plant (JSC "United Auto Group" — OAS) came down last car Lada 2107, the press service of the OAS. 


Serial production of the Lada 2107, which is a modification of Lada 2105, began in 1982. External view Lada 2107 Lada 2105 is different from just a form of hood, rear lights and luggage compartment unit. Also has chrome grille and acquired a large area, and on the bumpers appeared chrome trim. "Seven" because of its low price (from 206 thousand rubles.) Has recently been the most popular model of AvtoVAZ. Two years ago, when the state program started scrapping, the sale of the "classics" (Lada 2105/2107) reached 17 thousand units per month. But, in 2011. the demand for these cars started to fall, and AvtoVAZ moved their production to "IzhAuto." The company issued 42.5 million of these machines, including 8.6 million vehicles in the I quarter of 2012. 

Recall that in early April 2012. at AvtoVAZ plant in Togliatti started production of a new "station wagon" Lada Largus. As the site says the automaker is adapted for use in the Russian context, "wagon" with increased capacity, which will be issued to the passenger (seven-and five-seater) and cargo (wagon) variants.

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