The latest development: software package for visualization of KONTAKT 3W control data


KONTAKT 3W, Algorithm Development Company, a strategic partner of CJSC "FTA" provides a Web-based information system for online processing and archiving — PC "TeleSKAD" developed by JSC "Communication systems and robot" and is widely used in the management of the network of energy facilities throughout Russia and in near abroad.

Information model of Web-server «KONTAKT 3W» is characterized by a client-server principle of the organization.

The input data for the Web-server «KONTAKT 3W» (Figure 2) provides:

— information model of the substation, which describes the relationship of the parameters for interconnection, sections of tires, switchgear;
— PC base parameterization "TeleSKAD";
— Archival SQL-based database;
— PK "TeleSKAD" containing the values of the TI and TC at the current time. 



The input data are accumulated in a database server instantaneous values of honor PC «KONTAKT 3W». Designer Web-pages honor of requesting client web-services based mapping configurations saved by the user, and file mimics the network. Web-services run programs that form and send Web-pages of the current data from the database of instantaneous values, as well as historical data for reports, charts, lists of events. 

Among the major distinguishing characteristics of KONTAKT 3W:
? Smooth zooming schemes and their fragments
? Creating dynamic windows for arbitrary fragments of schemes
? Formation of arbitrary configurations of display data for different modes of operation of the electrical network
? The possibility of applying the Web-based server «KONTAKT 3W» with devices equipped with a Web-browser (tablet computers and mobile devices with the means of wi-fi).
? No need to install special software on each workstation and license per workstation staff.
? Automatic update each workstation changes in the electric circuit in the case of network corrections



? Integration with built-in Web-pages of equipment of power stations and substations for the configuration modes, the observations of the current state and government.
? When accessing data from the Internet Operational Information Management Complex — data encryption algorithms and command protocol SSL, which provides connection security and a high degree of data protection Web-based applications.

Currently, the new software system is being implemented in several control stations customers.



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