The latest digital systems Redoubt 2US entered the Signal Corps TSB

Signal Corps of the Eastern Military District (TSB) as part of the 2013 state defense order received 10 new digital telecommunication systems "Redoubt 2US" on the basis of "KAMAZ", told reporters on Monday the head of the press service of the TSB Colonel Alexander Gordeev. 

"These mobile systems allow you to combine various communication systems in a single radio network." Redoubt "makes it possible to apply modern technology and at the same time communicate with legacy systems of command and control," — he said.

Gordeev added that the operation of the complex and its effectiveness has been carried out during the recent sudden check the combat readiness of troops District.

"Red" made the 250-mile march to the site "Tsugol" (Amur region), which allow the closing of a high-speed link between command posts and video conferencing in the field. In addition, to provide high-speed connection to use new digital radio-relay stations and satellite stations are also received by the troops due TSB in July of this year, "- said the head of the press service.

Gordeev also noted that due to the troops TSB this year has already received more than 35 satellite stations, about 10 mobile digital radio-relay stations of the new generation. Receipt of a new communications equipment will allow for the gradual transfer of military communications systems to digital processing and transmission of information.

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