The latest intelligence Artillery arrived in East Military District

On arming artillery and rocket forces of the Eastern Military District (OIE) received the latest artillery systems intelligence "Zoo-1", said Friday press service chief Colonel Alexander Gordeev TSB.

"In the final year of continued modernization of missile forces and artillery of the Eastern District. In particular, the tools have been updated artillery intelligence: for service in connection missile troops and artillery received the latest artillery reconnaissance radar systems and ground artillery fire service "Zoo-1", — said A. Gordeev.

He added that in 2013, the county is expected inflow of automated fire control systems, digital portable stations ground reconnaissance — PSNR-8 plus 3 km search range goals.
Gordeev said that in 2012 the military missile and artillery TSB participated in more than 160 command-staff and tactical exercises with live fire.
In particular, in the summer held large interspecies exercises to repel an attack amphibious assault on the island of Sakhalin. In addition, a high proficiency gunners TSB revealed in the course of joint Russian-Indian exercise "Indra-2012" and the Russian-Mongolian exercise "Selenge 2012".
According to him, during the year 2012 in the field of large-scale outlets and camp fees with live firing exercise involving more than eight thousand soldiers and more than 500 pieces of weapons and military equipment.
"In 2013, the county is waiting gunners no less busy schedule of training, designed hundreds of battery, divisional and brigade combat shooting, in addition, held several interspecific exercises involving artillery district," — said A. Gordeev.

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