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From April to ZIL will produce chassis ZIL-432940, equipped with engines Minsk Motor Plant — D 245, fully complying with Euro-4. Cars have been tested, have received certificates of compliance and vehicle type approval. Trucks rise, on average, by 10%. 

Simultaneously with the introduction of Euro 4 decided to increase the corrosion resistance of cars: all the equipment used for coloring a special technology PPG extension of colors and schemes using two primers, are working on restyling kabiny.Rekomendovannaya retail value of ZIL-432940 production in 2013 will reach 1211 000, which is associated with the transition to ecological standard Euro-4. "Improvement of the technical part of the car and the modernization of the production, of course, reflected in the cost of ZIL, although the percentage rise in price and was about 10%, while maintaining price competitiveness of products", — says Sergey Stont, head of marketing and sales of autos AMO ZIL.Odnovremenno with the production of cars that meet Euro-4 standards, the company is selling products with Euro-3, denoting special conditions for cars 2012 release. Fully staffed and ready special equipment on the chassis of Euro 3 — Dump cars, tow trucks, cherry pickers, garbage trucks, passenger buses and so on — can be purchased at a cost of Euro 4 chassis. This is especially true for regions that lack the budget proposals for construction equipment market, as well as for the countries of the CIS, where new environmental standards have not yet entered into force as binding.

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ZIL gradually "come to life"

Factory ZIL notes positive dynamics of development is not only production, but also the dealer network. Over the past year, the entire market medium-duty trucks more than doubled — to 12,000 pieces. The share of foreign cars on it for the year decreased from 81.4 to 77.5%, but at the ZIL increased from 5.1 to 15.8%, the press service of the company. Throughout the year, following the resumption of output, the plant had to practically re-build the dealer network, as most dealers during stops of the main pipeline had to shift in the direction of competing brands, and the history of the relationship with the company in the post-crisis period left much to be desired. The biggest problem for ZIL in the process of motivation to cooperate authorized service companies in the past since the resumption of production, has become a low-cost standard hour when performing warranty work. Warranty repair of vehicles ZIL dealers were not profitable. For this reason, in 2012 the cost of standard hour was increased twice by a total of 40% and now amounts to 700 rubles. for authorized service center. Until recently, the weakness of vehicles ZIL in the market has been and frequency of maintenance work: as a result of the frequency of routine maintenance on diesel cars increased three times — up to 12 thousand miles. The introduction of this change has allowed the brand to minimize the cost of ownership of diesel by vehicles ZIL not less than 2 times and reduce the time of its location on the service by 20%. All these measures are aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the commercial co-operation and ensure the interest of dealers in making warranty repairs ZIL. Productivity of their shows a positive trend to expand the geography of service: the number of service stations ZIL increased nearly 2-fold. To date, the number of formal services brand in the territory of the Russian Federation of 34 companies, which is comparable to the pre-crisis level of enterprise (2005 data).

ZIL continues to work with Cuban partners. In the nearest plans of enterprises already in April of this year scheduled visit of leaders of ZIL to the Republic of Cuba, the main purpose of which will be further study of the conditions of supply and modernization of the Cuban fleet for the next period.

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