The latest parachute system D-12 is ready for state tests


Kirzhach, Vladimir region. Honored parachutist test — Vladimir Nesterov, backed by more than twelve thousand jumps, will test innovative parachute system D-12. The new parachute designed for training and combat jumps with a full Scheduled weapons and equipment was developed with the support of the holding "Aviation" (part of the corporation "Russian Technologies").  

 Airborne parachute system D-12 is designed for combat and training jumps from aircraft Il-76, Il-76M, Il-76MD, the Mi-8 and its modifications. It has a wide range of adjustments, made of lighter and stronger materials, allowing paratrooper take more payload.

"D-12 — is the parachute system of the new generation — said the director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise" Research Institute of Parachute "Sergey Astakhov. — If the total flight weight 160 kg D-12 provides reliable performance in a range of 150-4000 m elevation and comfortable landing parachute at a rate not exceeding 4.5 m / s. The main parachute provides the average horizontal velocity of 4.5 m / s back and forth, and turn in any direction through 180 ° for no more than 15s. Suspension system has a wide range of adjustments. Developed parachute system can rightly be called an innovative product has a brand new quality, superior world counterparts in many ways. "

During the test jumps at the airport will be present Director of "Institute parachute" Sergey Astakhov, executive in charge of the project D-12, Professor Vladimir Aparinov, the command of the Airborne Forces, scientists and system designer D-12.

Holding "Aviation" is part of the corporation "Russian Technologies". Includes 36 companies located throughout the country, in Moscow, the Moscow region, Ufa, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Omsk, Arkhangelsk region and other regions of Russia. The company is a supplier and service station for maintenance and repair of aircraft equipment. In the market of Russia and CIS countries, the company offers products for the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft equipment from Europe, America and Asia. Customers are holding companies such as "Aeroflot», Sukhoi, «Transaero», Airlines, UTair and other major participants in the air travel market.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Research Institute of Parachute" is the lead developer in the field of parachute in Russia. The Institute carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of parachute equipment, the development of all types of parachutes and their manufacture for the Russian and foreign customers. The main activity of the Institute is closely linked to the development of aviation, rocket and space technology. Institute

develops and produces a parachute systems for manned and unmanned spacecraft, parachute systems for rescue rocket blocks weighing up to 70 tons, brake parachute landing system for all types of aircraft, rescue parachute systems for crews of aircraft, landing human and cargo systems, and special parachute system and parachute systems for munitions, including those working at supersonic regimes.



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