The latest Russian spy plane Tu-214ON transferred into trial operation in the Russian Armed Forces


The latest Russian spy plane Tu-214ON transferred to the trial operation of the armed forces of Russia. This decision was made by an interdepartmental committee that considered the results of the state tests this machine. This is korr.ARMS-TASS General Director and Chief Designer of "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega "Vladimir Verba.

The Tu-214ON is a modification of the serial passenger aircraft Tu-214, which modified the design documentation of "Tupolev" to install surveillance equipment, and certified under the obligations of the Treaty "Open Skies" for observation flights in the U.S. and Canada.

The Tu-214ON is designed to implement an international agreement "Open Sky", which was adopted 24 March 1992 in Helsinki 27 states — participants of the OSCE. The purpose of the agreement is to promote the strengthening of trust between States through the improvement of mechanisms of control of military activities and the implementation of existing treaties in the field of arms control. The Treaty establishes a regime of open skies, which aims — to provide an opportunity for participants to make circled each other. 

To date, 34 States have signed the treaty. The Russian Federation ratified the Treaty on Open Skies May 26, 2001.

Tu-214ON aircraft is the first of 34 states — parties to the treaty, equipped with all the means permitted by the contract observation: four aerial cameras, three television cameras, synthetic aperture radar antenna and infrared line-scanning device.

The airborne surveillance equipment, together with the ground resulting in a complex analysis of the observation flight information set needed to verify compliance with the requirements of the contract test facilities and training facilities for the training of operators and maintenance personnel plane designed umbrella organization — JSC "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega ".

Tu-214ON designed for inspection flights over the territories of the States Parties to the Treaty on the "Open Skies". He will follow up with air to it, as in other countries, items made of important international agreements, including in the field of armaments.

As Vladimir Verba, a new special-purpose aircraft Tu-214ON, built for "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega "Kazan Aviation Production Association (KAPA) im.Gorbunova, designed to replace the outdated Tu-154 and An-30.

CAPO on the stocks im.Gorbunova assembles another similar aircraft. This company was founded in 1927, has mastered and released in that time 34 types and modifications of aircraft totaling more than 20 thousand units. Serial production of the Tu-214 began at the plant in 1994 includes a new family of passenger jets to 210 people, with an increased cargo hatch, special Tu-214PU (control room), Tu-214SUS (aircraft communication node), a special purpose aircraft Tu-214ON .

The latest Russian spy plane Tu-214ON Visitors will be able to see the air show MAKS-2013, which will be held in Zhukovsky outside Moscow on August 27 to September 1.

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