The launch of manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-03M


On December 21, 17.16.15 MSK from the starting complex of the platform 1 Baikonur launch took Vehicle (ILV) "Soyuz-FG" with transport manned spacecraft (WPK) "Soyuz TMA-03M" (Commander Oleg Kononenko (Roscosmos), flight engineers Andre Kuipers (ESA) and Donald Pettit (NASA).)

After 528 seconds of flight rocket TPK "Soyuz TMA-03M" cleanly separated from the third stage of the launch of an artificial satellite orbiting the Earth.

Joining TPK "Soyuz TMA-03M" to the International Space Station is scheduled for December 23 this year at 19.22 Moscow time.

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