The launch of the Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant

The launch of new Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant (TVSZ). 

It is the largest, most modern plant of its kind in Europe. Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant — the investment project of the Group "East" for the production of freight cars of the new generation, implemented in cooperation with Vnesheconombank and the Eurasian Development Bank. For the first time in more than a half-century in the domestic transport industries were built innovative enterprise full cycle. It railway car and foundry production are integrated into a single processing facility.

The total investment in the industrial production of 36 billion rubles, and in the construction of housing for the employees of the plant — 6,000,000,000 rubles. In terms of investment, production areas and the level of technical equipment is one of the most ambitious engineering facilities in Europe. Under the project, every 4.5 minutes in the company will be issued wheelset, every 24 minutes from the conveyor TVSZ will come out a new car. The production capacity of the plant is 13,000 freight cars of the new generation of 90,000 tons of rail molding and 65,000 wheel sets per year. The cars are characterized by the production of a new high-capacity and durability, and the cost of repair and maintenance of up to 50% lower than standard. It is expected that the operation of the new generation of cars will reduce the costs of Railways for maintenance of railway infrastructure, and increase network bandwidth. The production includes 20 automatic and automatic production lines, 84 industrial robot and three automatic warehouse. The main suppliers of process equipment for the plant are producers from more than 40 countries. Along with the construction of the plant group "East" has implemented a large-scale social program for relocation and resettlement of employees of the plant, in which built more than 2 thousand apartments in modern residential complexes. Currently, the company is already working more than 1.5 thousand people, and when the plant reaches full capacity the total number of new jobs will be 4.5 thousand.

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