The leader of the built-TOWER — the first skyscraper in St. Petersburg (text + many PHOTOS)

In early May, was completed exterior finish first in St. Petersburg and the northernmost in the world skyscraper, its height was 145 meters, 44 floors vutri (2-technical). At last prislavuty zoning laws breached! Let’s see what happened at Petersburg skyscraper builders.


High history

 We have the opportunity to witness the landmark event in the history of our city by the end of the year will be completed ambitious project Leader Tower. This building has already entered the history of St. Petersburg as the city’s first skyscraper, the reality is a new stage in the development of the business. What distinguishes the project Leader Tower from many others?

So in the history.

 This is the first in the history of St. Petersburg building height of 145 meters above the height of the spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Agree to be the first — the mission of honor and very responsible. As is known, the names of the great architects of St. Petersburg forever in the history of Russia. I want to believe that the names of deserving people, to bring to life the idea of building Leader Tower, also will be entered in the golden fund of architecture of St. Petersburg. Successful businessmen who do not wish to have an office in the building maloprimetnom, provides enormous opportunities. Tenants of the business center will be able to settle in this business area, developing the image of the world-famous Manhattan.

Place on the map.

It is important to take into account the Leader Tower’s enviable location on the map. First, the area of the Constitution — the unofficial center of business life of the city, where the offices of the major players in the energy market of the North-West region of Russia. Secondly, Leader Tower is located in the immediate availability for any mode of transport. The proximity of the ring road and WHSD, and the ability to quickly get to the center, or go out of town — an essential condition of your mobility. Comfortable accommodation in relation to the metro station "Moskovskaya" (maximum ten minutes), will appeal to customers who do not use ground transportation. Those businessmen, whose business activities are associated with frequent flights and reception guests will appreciate the proximity to the international airport "Pulkovo". It should be noted that in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg are also in high-class hotels, ready to take the most discerning guests.

What’s inside.

Leader Tower — is the business center of class "A" with all the required attributes. And if in Class "luxury" and one VIP parking can not be surprised, and individual climate control systems, digital telephony, high-speed Internet and television are taken for granted, that a wide range of additional services to please the most demanding customers of the Criminal Code of the "Leader". From the attention to detail and develops the high level of service provided by a business center Leader Tower. For example, the virtual PBX services and a wide range of available communication tools to effectively work for the benefit of your business. Leader Tower provides its customers with business class car with a personal driver. The first three floors form a lounge area, where there is a cozy café, available for the employees of the center and to the public. For fans of fine pastime provides a cigar room and wine club. Art lovers can visit the exhibition of the art gallery.


This you have not seen!

 One of the calling cards Leader Tower will be the panoramic restaurant on the 42nd floor. At the moment this is the only place in town where you will be able to fully enjoy the unforgettable views that the entire St Petersburg. For lovers of thrills provided the viewing balcony of a heavy-duty glass. The Braves will be able to enter the site, at an altitude of 145 meters and take unique photos on the memory.

The main pride of the business center Leader Tower is a super-modern media facade, which has no analogues in the world. It allows you to play any images and high-definition video on all four sides of the building. This is a unique opportunity to realize the most daring advertising projects.

 Technologies used in the construction of Leader Tower, meet the highest international standards. We are all looking forward to the expected opening of the business center. 

And now photos. 








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