The liquid paint remover powder number 860

Scientific — production company Mendeleev in 1999 to develop the newest formulations for a variety of tasks, from preparing the surface of the metal to its full color compositions based on the "red lead" means to protect the car, restoration materials: wash, hardeners plaster, water-repellent agents, bleach timber and antiseptics. This is not a complete range of products predalgaemyh. With a full list of fabricated structures can be found at

But today, a special attention should be paid to such direction as the color of the metal powder paints. Powder coating in our time is the most cost-effective solution for the coating of large quantities of products. Whether it’s metal profile, facing mounting elements are widely used today ventilated facades, commercial equipment. 

As in any industry, and the powder coating is not an exception, marriage is inevitable. To eliminate Company Mendeleev produced from universal "Wash powder paint» № 860. The illustrations (referenced below) shows how easily, quickly, efficiently and most importantly our customers eliminate the effects of marriage.

Some of the most part of "Wash powder paint» № 860 is a mixture of organic solvents with the addition of surfactants, and activators not contain halogenated hydrocarbons. This means a liquid (not gel), it quickly penetrates into the structure and dissolves the powder coating ego.Izdeliya from which to remove a powder paint completely immersed in the cleaning vessel. Wash effectively operates at a temperature range of +5? C and does not require additional heating. After the necessary exposure time, which can vary from 3 minutes to several hours, depending on the type and thickness of the coating removes, strippable coating powder under the action of wiper crumble into dust, and showering slowly settles to the bottom of the container. Purified item is removed from the cleaner, rinsed with tap water or water from the pressure vessel, such Karcher and dried.

With the aid of "Washes of paint powder» № 860 you can easily clean the painted wheels from wheels, hooks, screws, elements of commercial equipment, metal grilles.

I would like to focus the reader on the fact that the technical department of the company are only qualified employees who are on a tight schedule to help you solve any problem on the complexity!

Achievements of the last two months, "Old Paint Remover" № 301 — remove the picture from the fabric (printing), "Turbo-reactive solvent grade of" I "- a composition for cleaning polyurethane varnish from the eaves (potoloknye, wall).

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