The lower pool Zagorskaya PSP-2 was filled to the design level

PNa Zagorskaya PSP-2, the construction of which is in the Moscow region RusHydro, completed a unique operation on analysis of temporary earthen bridge and filling the lower basin of the project of "Institute Hydroproject."

The March frosts favored the production of excavation on the implementation of which took a month. After the recess over 400,000 cubic meters of soil builders strengthened bottom with gravel and eliminated ice hummocks formed in the winter.

Now the two pools of pumped storage power plants are combined into a single circuit. Detailed analysis of the time jumpers and filling the lower basin Zagorskaya PSP-2 can be seen in the videohttp://www.zagaes2.rushyd…u/press/video/82539.html. 

"The total usable capacity of the lower basin as a result of this work has grown by 5.5 million cubic meters, and now amounts to 35.5 million cubic meters. The increase in the useful volume of the reservoir will allow us to fill the upper pool under construction Zagorskaya PSP-2, for a full test cycle hydroelectric number 1 and number 2, which is scheduled for April-June this year, "- said General Director of "Zagorskaya-2" Vladimir Magruk.
Total construction readiness Zagorskaya PSP-2 is more than 90%. The first phase of pumped storage station will occur as the commissioning of JSC "FGC UES" double-circuit transmission line 500 kV "Zagorskaya Iartsevo-1" and "Zagorskaya Iartsevo-2" in the grid connection agreement. Work at the site is delayed, in particular due to the unresolved JSC "FGC UES" issues on land allocation.

Construction Zagorskaya PSP-2 is near the existing Zagorskaya PSP — branch of JSC "RusHydro". Organizer of construction — of "Zagorskaya-2" — 100% subsidiary of JSC "RusHydro", formed in 2006. The structure of the station facilities include upper and lower basins, drainage, water supply lines and the station node, the schema objects of power and infrastructure projects, which provide building.

According to the System Operator, the shortage of maneuverable power in the Central region of Russia is 2.5 ± 3.0 million kW, including in the Moscow region — about 1.5 million kW. The second phase of the Zagorskaya hydroelectric station is built for a partial solution to this problem, as well as the prevention of emergency situations in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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