The magnetic field of the sun will soon turn upside down, according to NASA

August 6, 2013. These solar observatories, NASA show that the sun was close to the point where its magnetic field "roll over", that is, change the polarity of the opposite — it happens every time the light is at the peak of the 11-year activity cycle, said the American space agency.

"It seems to us there are not more than three or four months to complete inversion of the field. This change will cause a ripple effect throughout the solar system ", — the expert in solar physics Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University.

Solar activity is subject to the 11-year cycle, during periods of high activity on the Sun is much more outbreaks, there are "coronal holes" — areas with high speed solar wind — and emissions of plasma, which cause magnetic storms on Earth. At the peak of solar activity typically occurs reversal of solar magnetic fields — north and south magnetic poles are reversed as a result of restructuring processes in the solar dynamo.

"The polar solar magnetic field weakens, is reduced to zero, and then reappear, but with reversed polarity — this is a normal element of the solar cycle," — says Phil Scherer (Phil Scherrer) from Stanford.

Now data from the solar observatory show that the hemisphere of the Sun move to this "switch" out of sync — the North Pole is already showing signs of readiness, the south pole of catching up with him. "Soon, however, they both will change polarity and begin the second half of the 24th solar cycle," — concludes Scherer.

Source: RIA Novosti


Scientist: The reversal of the global solar field is not visible on Earth

August 6, 2013. Reversal of the global magnetic field of the Sun, which reported on the possibility of NASA, go unnoticed and for the Earth, and the entire solar system, said RIA Novosti expert on the physics of the Sun, an employee of the Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI) Sergei richer.

Previously, scientists from the Wilcox Solar Observatory at Stanford University reported that after three or four months may be a change of polarity of the global magnetic field of the sun, which, according to them, is at the peak of the 11-year cycle of solar activity.

Bogachyov explained that it is not about changing the polarity of the magnetic field of the sun, and the only one of its components. In contrast to the Earth magnetic field which is formed in the center of the planet, sun magnetic field generated mainly at its surface. One of its manifestations are, in particular, sun spots. The second component — the global field — much weaker.

"The fact is that in addition to a strong magnetic field, which is associated with sunspots, which causes the flash, there is a global field — like the Earth. Its very existence — is debatable. It is believed that it is, but it is extremely weak, about equal to the force of the magnetic field of the earth, while it is approximately five thousand times weaker than the magnetic field in spots. Its very hard to see against the background of the field in the spots, "- said the wealthy.

Therefore, the scientist said, it is very difficult to determine even the exact position of the magnetic poles of the Sun. "I'm not sure that modern methods can reliably detect these subtle effects, such as changing the poles," — said the scientist.

"Even if the process, which they say U.S. researchers, is real, it is not dangerous, as all flash and magnetic storms are not associated with a global field of the sun, and with a field of spots," — he added.

Source: RIA Novosti

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