The main events of the Russian ICT market in 2011: GLONASS, Skolkovo and LTE

The publication CNews of summed up the results of 2011 and chose the most significant events in the Russian ICT market.
Title of "the large-scale event," the publication has awarded the completion of the formation of the GLONASS constellation. Once the group size reached 24 satellites GLONASS signal was received throughout the world without restriction. In the same year, the market began to appear the first consumer devices with support for GLONASS — tablets and smartphones, and the number of implementations of satellite monitoring of vehicles has increased significantly.
2011 marked another important event — the launch of the first in the Russian mobile network of the fourth generation (4G) in Novosibirsk. Already in January, will take place the first commercial connections, and the number of base stations LTE network will be increased by 2 times.
The biggest innovation project, which received rapid development in 2011 — Skolkovo innovation city. Since the start of the project residents "Skolkovo" more than 300 companies. Its activities innograda actively involved, both Russian and foreign companies, who opened their research centers here.
"Summing up the year, it may be noted that the Russian ICT market is not standing still: Preliminary forecasts point almost 15% growth. Such breakthrough projects as GLONASS, Skolkovo and LTE stimulate innovative activity in other sectors of the economy. This is the locomotive that drives Russia’s modernization, "- says the publication selection experts group of companies" Tetrasvyaz. "

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