The main optical telescope brought into the Caucasus mountain observatory on Mount Shadzhatmaz

Last Saturday, a Kislovodsk on heavy vehicles was driven oversized cargo — containers with details of the main optical telescope Caucasus mountain observatory (CLC).

In modern Russia places with favorable conditions, where it would be productive to conduct astronomical observations, is not enough. The choice fell on the mountain Shadzhatmaz 30 kilometers from Kislovodsk, where the middle of the last century working solar station RAS. In early 2006, the Russian government has decided to provide funds for the construction of a 2.5-meter optical telescope for the Caucasian mountain observatory State Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University. The famous French company "Sage", as well as subcontractors from Italy and China have produced and this year brought to Moscow mirror, frame them, the mechanical parts of the telescope and dome.

We caught up by phone with the head of the CLC Peter Kortunova. He said that the containers with the mechanical parts of the telescope safely climb the mountain Shadzhatmaz. Now waiting for the representatives of the manufacturers, who have metal mount. Then bring the primary mirror. By the summer of next year, according to the head of the CLC, it is expected that the main telescope observatory "will receive the first light."

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