The main producer of Russian steam boilers mastered new items

JSC "ZSTEMI-2" — the main producer in Russia electric hot water and steam boilers, Block electric boilers, intended for heating, hot water and steam to ensure the cultural, domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes.

Design of electric boilers are designed as unified series covering the type and size range of capacities from 25 kW to 10,000 kW voltage 0.4,6,10 and are designed to work in almost the entire range of natural waters of Russia and the CIS.




Plant designs, manufactures electric boilers and electric boiler virtually any power-to-consumer orders, makes installation and commissioning.


Electric hot water boilers of KEV designed for heating and domestic hot water production and space in both closed and open systems heating supplies. Hot water boilers have proven to be a reliable source of heat, allow to flexibly adjust the power of the boiler depending on the outdoor temperature and the required level of comfort. The outlet water temperature boilers from 95 keVaboutS. 

Hot-water boilers from 25 to 1000 kW 0.4 kV voltage regulated automatically and come complete with panels or control cabinets.
The plant also produces boilers of 6-10 kV, capacity up to 10 MW with flow temperatures of up to 150aboutWith the supplied without panels and control cabinets.

Electric steam boilers of CEPD provide the technological processes at the facilities of agriculture, industrial production and household services saturated vapor pressure of 0.6 — 0.8 MPa, with capacity from 32 kg to 1300 kg of steam per hour
The plant also produces steam boilers voltage of 6-10 kV, up to 14MVt. Steam boilers 25,63,160,250,630,1000 kW are available as a complete set of full operational readiness.

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