The main producer of trucks in Russia — Kamaz — expands its expansion abroad

Announced its intention to open assembly plant in Indonesia. The Russian technology, as it turns out, there are a number of competitive advantages, especially for emerging markets.

That is going to create KamAZ assembly facility in Indonesia, said the press service of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov referring to the deputy general director of the plant Evgeny Pronin.

Representatives of the KamAZ and Tatarstan visited Indonesia and held talks with local authorities, at the same time prepared a batch of factory RHD trucks to Indonesia. ITAR-TASS. Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of Indonesia Hatta Rajas said during the meeting that the products KamAZ is widely known in the country. Actually, he proposed to consider the establishment of a joint venture in Indonesia for the production and maintenance of trucks.

The news followed other reports on the plans of the Russian factory to open up businesses abroad. Most recently — at the end of April — appeared information that KamAZ can open the assembly of engines and spare parts in Brazil. In particular, spoke of the possibility of Piaui state governor Wilson Nunes Martins during his visit to Moscow.

"We will take a delegation of KamAZ in late May to discuss the details of creating assembly plant in our state, not just trucks, but also machines for agriculture", — quotes Wilson Nunes Martins "Voice of Russia".

In addition, again in April it was the launch of the assembly plant in Lithuania KamAZ. Now that there has been a local company Autobagi, partner of the Russian factory. It collects cars under a license agreement with the Russian company from assembly kits.

KamAZ supplies to Lithuania all the necessary parts, except engines, which are manufactured in the UK. Capacity of the plant is planned to reach 1.5 million vehicles, the market share in Eastern Europe — 3%. For this venture Kamaz is particularly important because it is the first assembly plant in the European Union. The first batch of trucks designed for Poland.

And before that, at the end of last year, KamAZ said it was studying the possibility of establishing a joint venture with a Turkish manufacturer of machinery for the assembly Katmerciler gas motor vehicles. Interest Katmerciler to cars running on natural gas, due to the fact that the cost of diesel fuel in Turkey — one of the highest in Europe.

Kamaz has long been pursuing aggressive expansion into foreign markets, often in the form of joint ventures with local companies, which he sends kits from Russia. In 2010, the Russian plant in India has created a joint venture with the Indian company Vectra, received a controlling interest of 51%. There assembly plant in Kazakhstan, Vietnam. At the beginning of zero was open assembly plant in Ethiopia, Pakistan.

Cars "KamAZ" are used in more than 80 countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Naturally, mainly vehicles "KamAZ" attract customers in emerging markets. Due to a relatively low cost and lower environmental requirements.

"Developing countries are interested in KamAZ, as the cost of its production is much cheaper, in part because of lower standards of engines", — told the newspaper VIEW Investkafe analyst Andrew Schenck. As pointed out in an interview to Lithuanian media director Autobagi Giedrius Diktanas, trucks "Kamaz" demand where bad roads: construction, lesovyvoz, career, etc.

According to Andrew Schenck, the share of KAMAZ trucks abroad of the total does not exceed 6%. Therefore, the high efficiency of enterprises abroad is difficult, it is unlikely they can be a good tool for the company is not in a very good state of health of the Russian market.

As the KamAZ, although the capacity of Russian truck market grew by 16.5% to $ 116.4 million A / m, the total sales of heavy trucks and has not reached pre-crisis levels. Yes, the plant maintains its leading position, but on the basis of the share of KamAZ was 33%, which is lower than in 2011, down 5%.

Nevertheless, for the organization of KamAZ assembly plants — is primarily an opportunity to find new markets and expand its presence abroad. All the more so, as the report says the plant, almost all joint ventures after two or three years of formation took to the output, allowing a profit and to continue investing in the localization of its own funds.

"The fact that export KamAZ trucks produced in Russia, it is advantageous only to the countries of the near abroad, and that a ratio of the ruble against the dollar above 32 points, — says Andrey Shenk. — It is clear that Indonesia could be interesting, first, as an emerging market in which the projected growth of the industry and, consequently, the volume of production and the amount of construction that directly leads to an increase in demand for trucks, as well as the fact that the country is quite cheap workforce that will reduce the cost of production. "

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