The Marines of the Caspian Flotilla take courses in extreme driving Mustangs

In the divisions of the Marine Corps Caspian Flotilla classes began with the drivers and driver for the development of new skills to drive four-wheel drive truck KAMAZ-53501 "Mustang" family admitted to the compound in 2012, and self-propelled guns, "Nona".

Under the guidance of experienced officers and petty officers, seamen drivers during the theoretical lessons learn traffic rules, master the operation features all-wheel drive vehicles and military equipment.

When practical training soldiers will acquire skills in different driving techniques roads and off-road, in all weather conditions, light and dark, as well as a special course driving techniques in extreme environments.

Marines learn to overcome obstacles and barriers, obstructions on the climbs, descents and hillsides, to overcome water obstacles of varying depth, will work management techniques of heavy vehicles and equipment while driving in populated areas, as well as in the event of a specially modeled complex traffic situations.

Completion of practical training at the Kamaz will commit 50-kilometer-long night and day 300-kilometer march. For the driver, "Nona" the final test will be 50-mile march.

At the end of training drivers and mechanics, drivers who pass the theory and practice of driving, get a driver‘s license with the appropriate categories that will help them in the future civilian life.

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