The market is waiting for M2M solutions provider of integrated services and new services

The Russian market of telematics services is on the rise: experts estimate his height at the level of 30-40% per year. Until recently, the main consumers of M2M solutions were government organizations, but the situation is gradually changing in the direction of increasing business demands. How will this trend on the market players, analyzes telecom publication CNews.   

In 2010-2011. industry showed a positive trend is mainly due to the implementation of major projects of state customers. But in the near future the share of the corporate segment may grow significantly: the effectiveness of M2M solutions in a variety of control systems quickly realized the business.

The features of the development of M2M solutions for companies are increased requirements for data quality, service component, the functionality of the installed systems, analytical data processing capabilities. The new requirements require a change in the development paradigm from suppliers and increased investment in the development of functional telematics solutions.

"In today’s environment more promising and successful in the market is a model of service-oriented provider, providing services in the complex — from the production and installation of equipment to the construction of enterprise information systems based on M2M technology and maintenance, — commented NGO experts RIC-Systems. — Company RIC-Systems focuses on the complexity of the services provided, which provides our customers with an effective solution to business problems "turn-key", quality service and technical support in all phases of the project. " 

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