The Mars-500 — an imitation of a manned flight to the Red Planet

"Mars-500" — This is an experiment of the Russian space agency Roscosmos and the European ESA. The project simulates a manned flight to Mars, during which six volunteers will be in the closed complex from 520 to 700 days.

The experiment is as close to a real manned flight to Mars, with the return to Earth. The project is implemented by the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences near Moscow. The first two phases of the project have been successfully completed (14 — and 105-day isolation). The implementation of the third phase began June 3, 2010. Project Director — Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation Boris Morukov.

14-day isolation (completed in November 2007), 105-day isolation (completed in July 2009), 520-day isolation (June 2010 — November 2011)

Manned mission to Mars should occur in the first half of the 21st century. Such a mission requires enormous financial costs and burdened with serious technical problems since it because of the distance between Earth and Mars (55 to 400 million km) will last more than a year. An inevitable aspect of the mission — that’s what all the time, the team of six astronauts to live in a closed room. This can quickly lead to tensions within the team, especially since the routine technical work that will come during the flight, and boredom can become serious problems.

The main objective of the project — to collect data on the health of the team and their performance, simulating the main features of a manned flight to Mars, such as high durability, endurance, unusual conditions of communication with Earth — communication delay, lack of resources expended to determine whether such a mission, based on the capacity of the human body.

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