The mass graves of victims of floods in the Philippines

The mass graves of victims of flooding in the Philippines Natural Disasters

In the city of Iligan in the southern Philippines because of overcrowding in funeral homes to the local authorities had to organize a mass burial of flood victims December 19, 2011, the worst disaster in the region in the last decade.

The official death toll has risen to 927 people. The head of the Civil Defense Benito Ramos said that the new body was raised from the ocean floor. Number of missing ranges from 82 (official) to 800 (Red Cross Philippines), because it is difficult to take into account those who are buried under rubble and mud. Some people are probably lost in the evacuation centers.

In Iligane, a coastal industrial center with a population of 330,000 people, almost all funeral homes are overcrowded and do not take the dead. The first 50 unidentified people are buried in individual graves in the cemetery of respect for safety and hygiene. Heaps of dead bodies (279 bodies) are near buildings morgues on the ground, as it does not have enough coffins and formaldehyde for embalming. Instead of trying to use the coffins plastic boxes.

In nearby Cagayan de Oro City, killing 580 people (mostly women and children), voiced suggestions on mass graves without identification. But this approach was rejected. Caught in a desperate situation, one of the funeral directors decided to lose about 30 heavily mutilated corpses to the city dump, despite the formidable protests from distraught relatives seeking local villagers. About forty dead bodies swept to sea, but the Coast Guard was unable to catch them.

Ramos is partly attributed to the number of victims of careless people, ignore the official forecasts of the impending storm, injuring about 143,000 Filipinos from 13 southern and central provinces, including 45,000 stationed in evacuation centers. Approximately 7,000 homes were damaged or washed away, according to Civil Defense.

According to Trevor Clark, head of UNICEF in the region of Mindanao, about 35% of the evacuees are children. The main objective of the organization — to provide them with water, to observe hygiene standards and resolve the issue with the lack of clothing, blankets and shoes for toddlers.

President Obama expressed his condolences over the "so many casualties and destruction caused by the recent floods in the Philippines." He also expressed the readiness of the U.S. to provide humanitarian aid to residents of the Philippines and the Government to overcome the consequences of floods.

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