The mass production of devices and motion control of goods Ranger-U

SPE "Komunar" the mass production of devices and motion control of goods "Ranger-U." 

The certificate of conformity UkrCEPRO on this device. The device uses a receiver for satellite navigation signals of GLONASS and GPS, which allows high-precision anywhere in the world to determine the location of cargo, and GSM / GPRS-modem, transmitting telemetry data to the server system.

GSM / GPRS-modem has a high reliability of information transmission in areas of poor reception networks GSM. The high reliability of data transmission is achieved by simultaneous use of the three most common networks of mobile operators. The apparatus is mounted on the container using the magnets. Unauthorized opening of containers is controlled by electronic seal, fastened on the locking device. Unauthorized devices from the lead container is controlled by the presence of a sensor in the device. "Ranger-U", mounted on a container, on a regular basis (at intervals set by the user) transmits data about cargo location and condition of the seals on the system server Ranger-U (Naviland-Cargo), and special batteries allow the unit to operate without maintenance for up to 4 years, depending on the set transmission interval information.

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