The match, which WAITED

In recent hockey history, perhaps, there was still the tournament with a predictable ending. And with more desirable. Second, after a series of Quebec confrontation Russia — Canada Switzerland waited all. Waited hockey VIP-guests — Czech coach Vladimir Ruzicka, genmenedzher Swedes Mats Naslund, his fellow Finn Jari Kurri and American Brian Burke. They were waiting for the audience, which even before the start of the playoffs rushed to the speculators, who had gone with signs "Final tickets on Russia — Canada." Our fans shortly before VE Day turned into a Russian-speaking city of Bern. A square in front of the ice arena five hours before the main match of their World Cup efforts looked like a white-blue-red sea. [Cut] Yesterday before the match for third place Canadian coach "Zurich" Shaun Simpson recalled before the cameras, with what delight he watched Super Series 1972, and speaker of the ice palace at the same time diligently repeated chanted the names of hockey and the founders of our guys! Future owners of "bronze" Swedes sigh: "Alas, no one before us here do not care." The capital of Switzerland is really interested only in the final yesterday. IIHF president Rene Fasel another forty minutes before kick-off took his seat in the VIP-box and looked impatiently at his watch. Not less anxious look and Russian "vipy" — Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov, along with the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko. [B] RECOGNITION Tretiak [/ b] "See how the guys came together on the ice — said during a morning team rolling FHR Russian President Vladislav Tretiak. — Usually they do it one by one, slowly. And today came together early and waiting the beginning of training, supporting each other. Great character. So does only the team that is ready for the biggest test. " Rode our players intently, aggressively throwing the ball out and then looked at the hanging under the roof of the arena Canadian flag. Radulov even forgot about his favorite pastime — hockey clicking on glass, which clung to the audience — and was unusually serious. "You know, before meeting with the Belarusian excitement sometimes rolls over — I could not sleep half the night — admitted Tretiak. — And before the final slept quite peacefully. Clearly, the last battle — the most difficult. However, we have already achieved a lot in the championship and felt that capable of winning and the main fight. And I was pleased with a good feeling Bryzgalov. After the success in the game with the Americans for his psychological state can not worry. " [B] TEAM RUSSIA burglarized [/ b] To the tricks of the organizing committee of the World Cup seemed to become accustomed to it. Nevertheless, the Swiss managed to dampen the spirits of our children and before the final. In the morning hockey team found that out of their locker room at the Berne arena lost hours. The victims were local thieves and attackers Zinoviev Kuryanov. "Guys are specially ordered commemorative watches, quietly left them in the locker room — and now this mess. My head does not fit — it’s the World Cup! Final match! We are sure to achieve that had been investigated!" — Outraged Tretiak. Naturally, the players lively discussions "burglary" before going on the ice. "God is with them, the clock is not in them happiness" — reassured all forward Alexander Frolov. He hoped that this will become a nuisance to Russia a good omen. Recall that before the battle for gold in Quebec without incident, our team also has not done. Then the team bus almost stormed a police cordon of the Prime Minister of Canada. [B] Canadians to "pump up" [/ b] Immediately after the semi-final victory against the Swedes in the Canadian locker room came four legendary player — Mark Messier, general manager of the Canadian Olympic team, Steve Yzerman, Kevin Lowe and Joe Nuindayk. As the players they already have won 18 Stanley Cups, and the players of Team Canada met enthusiastically stars. And they recalled how the country needs gold medals. "No matter who our opponent in the finals, while matches against Russia have a long history and are fundamental — said Messier. — Our goal — to win and it does not look at the team standing in our way." Head coach Lindy Ruff Canadian team in the conversation with your correspondent spoke similar words: "Three weeks ago I was thinking about how to be with his team member’s final game. About Russia was not a single thought." But Martin St. Louis, a member of the World Cup finals a year ago, was far less diplomatic: "Those of us who have been in Quebec, have forgotten nothing and are constantly reminded of the failure of all the rest. And I, Heatley and do not give the guys relax . Beat Russian would be great for several reasons, one of them — a desire to avenge the last tournament. " It is said that a day before the finals of all Canadians from the silver of Quebec gathered in the room captain Shane Doan and most carefully analyzed the video of the game going on last year’s tournament. [B] the silence [/ b] The strength of the current version of the Canadian national team is best told disappointed view Bengt-Ake Gustafsson. "They did not give us the opportunity to throw a normal position, played well in defense. Such Canadians I have not seen — admitted the head coach of the Swedes. — If they show the same hockey final, the Russian will be very hard." But the well-known Canadian journalist Alan Adams to his native national team was more critical. Said that Team Canada is not too mobile protection, and this could be the Achilles’ heel. Plus, the Adams noted that in the semi-arms trade worked out well for the Canadian team — forcheking, which must contain the Russian attack and personally Kovalchuk. The seriousness of the Canadians is best demonstrated by the fact that yesterday, before the final against all canons enhaelovskih they refused to communicate with journalists. While the Russian players and coaches were surprisingly open. Refused to talk unless Kovalchuk, hastened to escape after rolling in the hallway that led to the bus. [B] AGAIN missed the first one [/ b] Who will take place at the gate of the Canadian national team, our opponents carefully concealed. Tretiak two days predicted the emergence of Mason — and guessed wrong. Ruff refused the principle of rotation goalkeepers and made a bid for 39-year-old goalkeeper, "Edmonton" Rolosona. At first, the Canadian veteran seriously disturbed Saprykin snesshy gate and is rewarded for it by butting defender Doughty. Soon Canada could only pray for Rolosona, who twice saved his team in the minority after shots at close range Zinoviev and Perezhogina. However, the first goal was in the opposite goals. Bryzgalov Weber powerful shot hit the front of her, but two members of last year’s final of the Quebec Doan and Spezza made a small revenge. Canadians in equal compositions shut down the middle zone of the castle — to break into someone else’s territory pass through the Russians turned rare. Canada’s overall defense before been criticized for being slow, but our players that they suffer could not use it, because almost no tactic used stuffing. In these moments we had to think about that before in the playoffs — and the Americans with Belarus — Russia also missed the first one. But then … "Your attackers must climb a penny more to knock Rolosona" — said the Swedish striker Matthias Vaynhandl one of us before the final. Saprykin these words Swede, of course, not heard, but acted in full accordance with his advice, deftly substituting a stick throw Atyushova — 1:1. The leading pair of Canadian defenders Weber — Hemyus held in the first period on the ice for more than ten minutes. While Kovalchuk — most notably the Russians — to this mark does not have lasted only 24 seconds. [B] MASTERPIECE Radulov [/ b] For our experienced team
not only fans from Russia, but many Europeans. For example, next to the lodge of the press is located in the picturesque Swedish jersey of the national team and the flag … USSR! His reward and to the millions of Russians became the second goal. Saprykin artful cross between his legs behind him organized out "two in one" and gave the puck Radulov. Alexander has played just awesome on the backswing after putting on the ice defender, and then throwing irresistibly into the top corner. His mocking the puck forward rotation of said stick a hook up. Who knew at that moment that this goal — gold? Canadians immediately wound up, not giving Bryzgalov and minutes of rest, but eventually lost Roy: striker hit the post, after which he was forced to proceed to the dressing room. And in the third period, Bryzgalov shined. First, he stopped throwing Vlassitch from close range, and soon the goalkeeper had to make quite a feat, beating mask Heatley shot from a few meters. No coincidence that Bryzgalov got the prize for best player final. Once again I did not give Canadians to realize the output "two in one" stretching on the ice Atyushov. A rare moment we arose when Kovalchuk sped into the lead. He did not score, but after the match to claim the title — the best player of the tournament. In this match, our goal scorer went to another and at the side of Coburn — so much so that Ilya lost stick. The sixth field player has left the Canadians instead Rolosona per minute with a bit before the end of normal time. There was also a time-out taken Raff. The ending was a deafening chants of "Russia! Russia!" A few seconds before the siren lit the red light behind the goal Bryzgalov — luckily for us it just shook the hand of the judge, nervously pushed the button. Pause before the final face-off lasted for almost an eternity. But the second consecutive World Championship gold from Russia still there, but the emotions of players and fans could hardly have been less than a year ago in Quebec.

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