The maximum program Oleg Protasov

Oleg Protasov repeatedly participated in European club competition — and as a player and as a coach. Now he hopes to bring to the international arena, "Rostov".

After the victory in Ramenskoye, the first for "Rostov" in 2001, Oleg Protasov with a subtle smile said to the camera: "We already enjoy by scoring points in such numbers by wondering what would come of it." Still did not like! Success in the suburbs became the third consecutive Donetsk and allowed them to gain a foothold in fifth place.

Of course, I could be wrong, but, in my opinion, it is "a subtle hint of a serious matter." Yesterday’s underdog going into the Europa League. And, if you keep up the pace in the summer, it is quite capable of doing in its own historic breakthrough.

Until now, the highest achievement in the higher southern Russian division was sixth in 1998. That team personified by such prominent artists as Yuri Matveyev, Dmitri Kirichenko, Sergei Kolotovkin, Dmitry Gradilenko and instructed staff Sergei Andreev — legendary for Rostov-on-Don personality.

Andrew "Rostselmash" even a window to Europe, I remember hacked. Albeit small. In 1999-2000 he took part in the Intertoto Cup — in the first case has been stalled for mastitis, "Juventus", while the second — to "Auxerre". But in the "real" European competition, with which is considered to be the Champions League and Europa League, Rostov has not yet happened. There is a great reason to correct this omission — because in May the club said the 80-year anniversary. "Ruby", say, the 50th birthday marked a victory in the championship of Russia. "Rostov", I believe, and the fourth to fifth place for the occasion will be pleased. Still, its resources are modest Kazan.

Yellow-blue, and last year gave out loud fragmentary victory "a great success". Let’s say they beat CSKA Moscow at home and on the road. In Kazan beat "Ruby", Rostov-on-Don — "Zenit". The problem is that deliver positive results in the flow of the guys Oleg Dolmatova failed. Beating the favorites, they have repeatedly stumbled, where, in principle, do not have to. Fans from mood swings home team threw it in the hot and cold. A final stretch of the season and did Rostov had stopped. After earning just one point in the final five rounds of the season, they are not without the hassle of the city retained a place in the Premier League. And thus provoked the authorities to serious organizational conclusions.

First, as usual, flew head coach. And for her, and got laid off employees of lower status — read, the players. On the role of the leader of the "Velvet Revolution" guide "Rostov" invited Oleg Protasov — a brilliant striker in the recent past, and that management experience is used to solve the highest goals. Others simply did not interest him. It is not a "caretaker" — he is the coach. And, by the way, to his 46 years has already won something. "Something" — is primarily a gold medal in the championship of Greece, obtained in the chapter "Olympiakos". If justice is put to him a similar award and Romanian sample — in fact the first half of the triumphant sezona-2005/2006 "Steaua" conducted under the direction of Ukrainian.

With a native "Dnepr" Oleg V. did not reach the podium, but — honestly tried. It did not work. The main thing is that this failure is not repulsed Protasova hunt to solve complex problems, do not look for easy ways. Of his position in life, should be, and was caused by an unexpected layoff coach — at his own request, before the start of the season! — From "Kuban".

He was told that the money for the enhancement of quality and, therefore, the decision is more or less ambitious targets there. He thanked for his honesty and wrote a letter of resignation. And as the water looked. Krasnodar he came to the Premier League, so out of it and went out.

What a Protasov under normal staffing of personnel, it showed in the neighboring Rostov-on-Don. Before the start of the season the team joined the Cubs as much as 14, and as many people have left it. They came not to the stars, but strong master, hard-working guys, and mostly underestimated in previous clubs. Here are just a few examples: goalkeeper Anton Amel’chenko last year bezvylazno sitting in reserve "Moscow", the midfielder Aleksandr Pavlenko occasionally appeared in the "Spartacus" and striker Roman Adamov, having the current contract with "Ruby", get match practice in Samara. In the "Rostov" they all become leaders in their respective roles.

Protasov able to find a common language with people of that talent he has not taken away. Look, he says, read his interview — a feeling that one is not one year spent in Europe. For instance, I can not imagine Protasova, coating his players a three-story Russian obscenities. And sending a journalist to the known address — is not present. It was not his method.

In the 2010 season, "Rostov" has already defeated CSKA at home and "Spartacus" has extracted the first-ever victory over the "locomotive". The team attended this extort draws — now it is set to the maximum result is always and everywhere. Edinichka in the "draw" it confirms once again. Does not always win — because after all, Moscow was not built. The main thing is the team Protasov delivered from inferiority complex — "Rostov" more to no one keeps in the background and is committed to play football, regardless of the rank of the enemy.

What will come of this, we learn in November. For now on the agenda of the "Rostov" "Spartak" Nalchik — a troublemaker, as he did. Oh, what will squabble! As my former boss: "I can see it, and I already love it."

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