The mega-project of SverdlovElektro: the production of instrument transformers

Just make a reservation, this news was already on the site, but undeservedly go unnoticed. Probably because of the natural modesty Information Service Group "SverdlovElektro" (SVEL). 

For more details this event was highlighted in the latest issue of "Expert", as well as several specialized sites: 

In Yekaterinburg, March 12 launched a new production of instrument transformers for electricity on the basis of Lower Isetsky steel plant of the Group "SVEL."

Capacity is 8 thousand units per month of measuring transformers, that immediately makes the company one of the largest in the industry. 

To implement this project, the Group "SVEL" from 2010 were built new industrial site in Lower Isetsky steel plant. In late 2011, the new plant has been installed production equipment from leading German manufacturer made for SVEL on request.  

The total volume of investment in the construction and equipping of a new production of five billion rubles of its own and borrowed funds.

In the future, the plant will produce the whole range of products SVEL, including dry-type transformers and oil transformers for voltage class up to 500 kV. Also, it is planned to manufacture switching equipment, vacuum and gas-insulated switchgear dry and oil transformers, complete switchgear, transformer substations of 35-220 kV voltage class.


  • A general view of the new shop Lower Isetsky steel plant
  • A general view of the new shop Lower Isetsky steel plant


Now about measuring transformers:

Instrument transformers are used in electric high voltage to control voltage, and phase current. For this, they reduce the input values of the network to a value suitable for measurement.

The principle of the device is based on the primary winding is connected to the network and the secondary (step-down) — a measurement device that is not designed to work with high voltages. Measuring transformers with more than two groups of windings substantially reduces equipment costs, since they can be used for simultaneous measurement and connect the protective devices.  

In the development of instrument transformers in the Group "SVEL" employing innovative approaches and experience of the world’s top manufacturers of the equipment that enables to produce equipment with a high degree of reliability and accuracy of measurements.

  • The current transformer TOL-SVEL-10
  • The current transformer TOL-SVEL-10


  • The process of winding of the current transformer TV SVEL
  • The process of winding of the current transformer TV SVEL

To date, the domestic demand for instrument transformers in the Russian domestic production is not satisfied — up to 90% of requirements covered by imports, mainly from China. So this project is in the nature of import substitution, which is good news, given the capacity of the domestic market of electrical equipment and its development prospects.

The Group "SVEL" confident that the Russian production will be sold in the market, both at the expense of a higher quality than the Chinese manufacturers, and due to more affordable prices than the Western (mainly German) analogues.  

Already agreed that the first batch of equipment issued to the new site will be shipped to the address of "Far Eastern Distribution Company" and JSC "IDGC of the North Caucasus."


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