The Mi-17 with new engines Motor Sich flew across the Andes

Mi-17 helicopter, equipped with new engines manufactured by "Motor Sich" (Kiev, Ukraine) on Thursday made a unique flight across the Andes in Peru, rising to a height of more than 6 thousand 300 meters, told reporters the president of JSC "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslaev.

"Yesterday in Peru Mi-17 helicopter with our new engines flown Andes, rising to a height of 6 thousand 300 meters with the load. Yet no one helicopter did not reach there," — said on Friday V.Boguslaev Helicopter Industry Exhibition in Moscow. 

He noted that the Peruvian pilots conducted an experiment, organizing the flight by two helicopters. One of the Mi-17 was equipped with old engines, and the second — the production of new engines "Motor Sich" TV3-117 VMA-SBM1V.

According V.Boguslaeva, helicopter, equipped with old engines, rising to a height of 6 km, was unable to continue our mission and returned to the airport takeoff. Helicopter with new engines landed on the other side of the Andes.

V.Boguslaev recalled that Peru is a feature of the fact that the country was cut in half by the mountain range of the Andes. To overcome such obstacles, ground transportation necessary to spend a lot of time.

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