The Mi-38 OP-2 successfully completed its maiden flight

A prototype of a new passenger transport helicopter Mi-38 OP-2 is being tested in the suburbs.

The helicopter was created in the capital plant im.Milya. According to the developers, the machine has unusual flight characteristics and has an unlimited lifespan. To create the fuselage helicopter designers used special composite materials that do not wear out over time, RIA Novosti reported. The helicopter is equipped with an alarm system, which through a voice message alerts the pilots fault. In the cockpit instead of the usual dashboard mounted monitor screens, which provides information on the work of the helicopter. The device of Mi-38 OP-2 is a system of internal controls. It monitors all the sensors: the condition of the one or the other unit, and one or the other system. According to the chief engineer for flight tests of the plant im.Milya Igor Klevantseva, the Mi-38 was registered a record: during the test helicopter was flown at a height of 8800 meters — the "level of Everest."

The test program will continue for several years. Serial production of the helicopter will begin in 2014, and the 2015th will be sold to the first board. According to the developers, the Mi-38 OP-2 is designed for:

* Transport of goods and passengers at the same time can carry up to 36 people or cargo weighing up to 5 tons * of search and rescue operations.

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